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In this post, I'll be sharing the ATP-38 Machine and treatments that I am currently undergoing at The Spa-Lon.

I was put into my own private and roomy room! The bed was so comfortable – my mental state slowly drifted away from reality the moment I laid down. The beautician who attended to me was Irene, the Branch Manager!

This weird-looking machine right here is the signature at The SPA-Lon! The ATP-38 series is a skin-care revolution in a new light, literally.

For my treatment, here's what I did!

Firstly, Irene examined my skin condition and gave recommendations on what I should be eating. I found it amazing that she managed to see through my usual daily habits just by a glance! How did she know!? None of the facial places I've visited before were as spot-on. That Malaysia Bomoh, please step aside because Irene here is the real deal.

I did a tea tree soothing treatment with extractions a.k.a the part that I hate during facial. Being a skilled beautician, all the yucky stuff hidden under my skin was extracted in minimal discomfort by Irene. Using the ATP-38 machine, Irene did a Micro-Peeling Treatment for me. This micro-dermabrasion treatment is used with the finest coridon sand. Dead skin cells are exfoliated and fine lines are removed. It also helps in reducing pigmentation and dark spots!

To be honest, I dreaded this part as I found it the most painful in my whole facial process. I would rate pain level at 8/10? My skin turned slightly red after that.

In order for the post-peeling redness to look non-existent, I also had to go through the Photo Rejuvenation Treatment. It goes hand-in-hand with the Micro-Peeling Treatment.

You see the light shining on me in the picture? It is safe for use! I could even open up my eyes with no problem. This technology is based on the discovery by NASA (my dream employers that's never gonna happen, sigh) that utilizes different kinds of light! It provides anti-inflammatory and healing purposes to re-energize, restructure and revitalize skin cells.

With the increase in collagen production and regulated melanin levels, it's no wonder my skin is becoming more radiant! I was under this light for quite some time. It was painless - I felt nothing except a slight bit of heat.

To end the facial, a mask was slathered on my face for purifying and soothing purposes. It was extremely comfortable that I fell asleep!

I've been going for quick weekly treatments at The SPA-Lon using the ATP-38 machine. This is a true story: one fine day I woke up, shocked when I looked at myself in the mirror. My skin… How come it's not dull and tired looking anymore!? I wore my spectacles to double-confirm. I asked people what they thought. Practically spammed texts (which I rarely do), exclaiming my happiness like siao char bor!

Yes, it is confirmed that I am not delusional, guys. WHAT IS THIS SORCERY!? My skin is obviously looking much brighter now! People are agreeing with me on this, I am not bluffing. Here's a before and after photo comparison after my treatments! No edit (except lighting) no filter.

I’ve only visited The SPA-Lon less than a month! BRB crying in joy and throwing confetti of happiness.

Can't wait for my future treatments because I see where this is headed to. I'll be documenting down my skin improvements to share for sure! Y'all wait only!

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