The colour purple is ridiculously pretty, but belong to one of those underrated colours. I personally believe that the purple hue produces a healthy glow on the skin that complements a majority of us. You can't really go wrong with it.

After the successful attempt of the different shades of purple experiment by Ryo previously, we decided to give purple a try again after it caught the attention of many.

I'm not sure if any of you remember, but my hair colour before we started on the change was orangey-yellow. I had to undergo bleaching to fade away the bright colour first. Both Ryo and I didn't know what to expect! We were worried that the colour wouldn't come out as every hair dye process is sort of unpredictable, especially more when we're toning down such a loud colour.

Fortunately for us, the colour did show after hours of sitting and having my buttocks numbed ;P! Could see Ryo was thrilled though slightly tired as well. There were still slight tints of orange here and there though, but those were barely unnoticeable. I think my hair gave way to bleaching this time and became somewhat damaged... But no worries! It was rescued with CLEO's legendary hair treatment.

I also did my part for the after-care treatment by slapping on hair mask whenever I wash my hair. HAIR MASKS ARE SO UNDERRATED TOO!? I always tell my friends to try them out because the magic those things do are wondrous!

The other time I visited, I spotted someone in the midst of doing digital perm! In case you're wondering, yup CLEO Hair & Make does offer many different services for hair and even makeup! I've been asked too many times about the charges. You can find their latest update for prices here.

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