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Knock knock blogging world, still remember me? Oh, and you're supposed to reply "who's there?"

I know I know, very lame (with legs). Not many personal posts here lately. Assumed that I'd have all the freedom I craved for as soon as my exams were over, but I'm at this stage in life where the word "busy" just doesn't leave me. Got back from an overseas trip recently and school started today, then there's procrastination and distracting videos...

Started PR lessons in school this semester which I've been looking forward to since the start! Quite insightful so far, I am eager to learn more because I deal with so many PR companies on a daily basis. Though it may be tough for me since PR is the face of the company, I think I might have a tad interest in venturing into this field after all.

Also been getting a lot of "omg you look so different" as I'm currently exploring the type of styles I should go for (but no money to buy more clothes). If you're wondering, my hair in the picture was styled by Ryo from Cleo Hair & Make! Yup new hair colour again, you should really catch up on my latest updates on Instagram where I'm quite the addict (

There are too much going on in my head and I think too excessively for my own good. But life is alright thus far.

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