Japanese health food giant, Yakult Health Food is finally making its foray into Singapore and the regional market! Best known for their familiar line of Yakult probiotic milk drinks that I grew up with, naturally I look forward to growing old with their health foods. After many years of huge success in Japan, its complete range of health food is finally launched at Guardian Pharmacies in Singapore! I was invited to their debut launch at Chinatown Point by AT Marketing Consultancy (www.atmc.com.sg)!

I found boxes after boxes of their star products containing kale being displayed. Yakult contract farmers grow kale in their own farms from the Kunisaki Peninsula, Oita-Ken, Kyushu. There are absolutely no agrochemical/chemical fertilizers or pest control used in their soil! Only fully natural ripened compost is used as fertilizers.

There are also no artificial colouring/flavouring/preservative used in their products!

I saw the aunties sitting beside me bought so many of the Yakult Health Food products. I didn't mean to, but I overheard their conversation; though the products were relatively new in the Singapore market, the aunties are long-time faithful customers of Yakult. That is exactly why they put so much of their faith in it!

There was a photo gallery to improve the public's awareness about their products, and also to witness what goes on in the cultivation process. The contract farmers put a lot of time and effort into cultivation, even removing pests by hand!

The event kick-started off with a Japanese Drum Performance. You should've been there; I loved their enthusiasm!
All of us were honoured listening to speeches by Abeille D’or (S) Pte Ltd's General Manager, Miss Pee Hwee Kim, Guardian's Chief Operating Officer, Miss Sarah Ann Boyd, as well as the Guest of Honour, Hideaki Maruyama San, President of Yakult Health Foods Japan!

Today, many people lead hectic lifestyles with the habit of eating out and not consuming enough greens, which are essential in our diets *hand up* guilty as charged.......

With that, Yakult introduced the Maroyaka Kale Powder which are packaged in stick sachets! Each box contains 30 satchets, good to last for a month. Kale is fast becoming a highly sought-after health food in recent years. It is one of the healthiest vegetables you can find; it is high in calcium and contains β-carotene.

Yakult Health Foods' Maroyaka Kale offers consumers the goodness and benefits of genuine, premium kale, readily available for consumption. It packs a punch with up to β-carotene and of Vitamin K, a powerful antioxidant that reduces overall risk of developing cancer. It boasts high concentrations of antioxidants Vitamins A, C and phytonutrients too. Vitamin K is also necessary for a wide variety of bodily functions, including normal blood clotting and bone health.

Each serving of the Maroyaka Kale is able to provide you the necessary nutrients to supplement your daily greens intake. You can consume it in many ways - dissolve it in cold water or milk, eat it with yoghurt, or even sprinkle it on your ice cream!

The highly concentrated kale powder retains the rich, delicious flavour and mild taste of kale. If you want to go for the full taste, drink it with cold water like I did. If you don't fancy the taste of vegetables so much, then I suggest you might want to try another way which you feel more comfortable with!

Maroyaka Kale is on shelves at Guardian Pharmacy retailing at the introductory price of $79.90 from now till 30th September 2014! You can also find the complete range of Yakult Health Foods there.

By the way Abeille d'Or, sole distributor of Yakult Health Foods, will be having a Colon Health Talk Seminar this Saturday 19 April! Dr. Haresh Kumar Kantilal (Ph.D Medical Science, M.Sc. Microbiology. A Medical Microbiologist and Speaker in Nutrition) will be at the seminar as a speaker.

Date: 19 April 2014 (Saturday)
Time: 2.00pm
Venue: 3 Coleman Street #03-14 Peninsular Shopping Centre Singapore (179804)

Seminar fee is $10 per ticket, fully redeemable for Yakult Health Food products during the seminar!

For more information, visit:

Drink your vegetables today!

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  1. It was a great debut. A good experience gathered from this debut. I really appreciate this type of debut about the healthy food. Thanks