In angmoh language, it is known as the Glutinous Rice Balls coated in peanut. This street snack is one of my favourites whenever I visit the Pasar Malam, otherwise known as the Night Market, here in Singapore.

I happened to chance upon a recipe some time ago that taught me how to make the delicious snack. It seemed relatively easy, with almost zero chances that I would fail. Over the long public holiday, I got down to doing it! I used the microwave method as it seemed like an easier method. I didn't take a lot of better-looking pictures this time since it was just for fun. Here's the list of ingredients needed that is able to serve about 4 people:

1) 120g Glutinous Rice Flour
- You can easily find this at local supermarket NTUC! I didn't have a weighing scale, so I asked Google and it told me that it translates to roughly 1 cup.

2) 180ml Water

3) 2 Tablespoons of Cooking Oil

4) 150g of Peanut-Sugar Mix
- I was supposed to get the Ground Peanut Powder to make my life easier. Unfortunately, I did not manage to find it. Instead, I bought ground peanuts, painstakingly broke them open one by one and grind it in the blender! Anyway, there's no specific measuring for sugar. Just add until you deem the mix as nice!

S T E P  1
Mix the glutinous rice flour, water and cooking oil. I suggest using a microwavable bowl to mix so that you won't have to transfer the paste here and there.

Microwave the mixture for around 3.5 minutes. You should get a white and sticky lump paste!

S T E P  2
Lay out your peanut and sugar mix on a plate. Using a pair of scissors, cut the paste into small pieces and coat with the peanut and sugar mix by rolling it around.

S T E P  3
Pick out the peanut-coated glutinous rice balls and out them to another plate. Either that, or just nom on it directly at Step 2. Ta-dah~

Now I can have one of my favourite snacks even at the convenience of my home! :D

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