Following my previous post on Glamabox, I received another box from the team that arrived just on time for the Easter holidays!

Just like the goodies inside, the boxes I've received have a variety of bright and cheery colours! Just a tip if you don't bear to throw them away (why would anyone!?) - store your items inside. Anything. It can hold your makeup items, barang barangs and whatnots.

If not, wrap it up using pretty wrapping papers and give it as a present by storing gifts inside. Be creative and recycle!

Here are all that's in the box this time!

Jayanti Cellulite Cream (for Belly, Hips & Thighs) (5ml) + Recovery Serum (5ml)

The Cellulite Cream has a high content of organic Aloe Vera gel! It is also enriched with organic extra-virgin olive oil and wild-harvested horse chestnut, peppermint and burdock extracts. All thanks to its de-reddening and healing properties, it is effective if you want to treat water retention, stretch marks reduction and cellulite.

As for the Recovery Serum, I love how it mainly composites with organic Aloe Vera gel as well. It also enriched with multi-vitamins and multi-minerals. The special qualities make it ideal to treat all cutaneous blemishes!

Cosmetic Skin Solutions Hydrating B5 Serum (3ml)

It came in 3 cute little packets! You'll love this oil-free, hyaluronic acid gel as it has the ability to increase the moisture-binding and hydration content within the dermis layer of your skin. You'll love the hydrated, healthy and plump results showing on your skin. This is made in the USA and is suitable for those with sensitive skin, since they have a no preservatives guarantee.

It is priced at SGD$66 for 30ml.

Loreal MEX Pure & Matt Charcoal Black Scrub Deep Action (15ml)

This is for the men! The formula combines the magnetic power of charcoal with 2000 beads to free your skin from oil and impurities i depth and from dead cells on the skin's surface.You will notice that the imperfections and blackheads are visibly reduced, with sebum rebounding is prevented. This leaves your skin smooth and fresh looking!

For 100ml, it costs SGD$12.80.

Sebamed Visio Active Hydro Gel (5ml)

Through the Sebasphere-technology, its Hyaluronic acid and Aloe Vera can optimally release and activate your skin's natural moisturizing system. This in turn helps to promote the cell regeneration. The Allantoin and panthenol in it can smoothen and renew your skin. The special gentle gel formula fits all skin types, even the sensitive ones.

It is retailed at SGD$30 for 50ml.

Skinology Skin Treatment Mask

This mask is made of 100% cotton cloth! It helps to prevent your skin from irritation, yet protecting it at the same time from the additional soothing and calming properties. It is an effective solution that will cast away any discomfort from sun damage!

You can buy it at an affordable price for SGD$10 for 5 pieces.

Aromatime Orange Revitalize Gel (15ml)

Blended with a special selection of orange essential oils, it will help keep your skin deeply moisturized and balanced. It helps in removing dullness of the skin, leaving it healthy and glowing!

For 100ml, you can get it at SGD$45.

This Easter, Glamabox gave me a free special gift!

It is none other than Cetaphil's Moisturizing Lotion. Suitable for all skin types, this non-comedogenic lotion is specifically formulated to soothe chronically dry skin. Once applied, your skin will feel soft and smooth.

That's it for the Easter special!

The good thing about samples is that you get to try a bit of everything. Glamabox also does collaboration with brands that I haven't heard before, therefore widening my brand knowledge. There were a few products that I've started to love because of all these samples! The best thing? I don't even have to do anything but do a few clicks on their website. They'll just come their way to me!

Have you gotten your Glamabox yet?

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