Some time ago, I was invited to the Beauty Asia 2014 Exhibition to find out more about the Endermolift treatment by LPG. The machine and beautician flew all the way from France!

The Endermolift New Generation is fitted with a newly patented Ergolift treatment head, which boasts a micro-motor and LPG’s patented Motorized Pulsating Flaps to boost tissue stimulation: a 100% natural solution to firm, tighten and re-sculpt the face, neck, hands and décolleté in only a matter of weeks.

Basically, this machine is able to help fight anti-aging in 30 minutes.

Some of you might be thinking: "But you're so young, do you even need it?" The answer is a resounding: "YES!" You'll be surprised when I tell you that girls as young as 18 years old have started their preparation works to diminish wrinkles and slow down the process of aging.

But seeing is one thing; I definitely have to try it out for myself! I checked in to Dermafeel located at Orchard Parade Hotel. They are one of the many salons providing the LPG treatments.

Over at Dermafeel, they have various flavours of tea for you to pick from! I learnt that they all have different benefits. There's also a cookie by the side for a quick bite.

Stepping inside, the room was clean and cozy, yet spacious enough to allow comfortable movements inside.

I was given a LPG collagen mask that'll be used at the end of the session. Those concerned about hygiene, you can choose to bring your own flap clip like what I did!

The smaller clip is meant for the more delicate areas of the face, while the larger one is meant for the entire face.

Lo and behold~ This is the legendary LPG machine used for Endermolift!

Although this treatment is meant for anti-aging, it is also beneficial to those suffering from acne skin.

There's a bit of suction, therefore it's better to do it before extraction. But not to worry, the pain level is basically 0! The machine did not cause any redness to my skin at all.

Comparing the before and after. The results are not that obvious on camera and after only 1 session. However, the little spots on my face were significantly flattened, and my skin was firmed! This treatment is targeted towards those aged 25 years old and up actually.

My beautician was skeptical about doing the treatment on me initially. However, she told me that she's more confident about recommending it to people my age now, after seeing how well it turned out for me. With the moisturizing effect, my skin looked brighter and more supple. After the whole treatment, my skin felt so well-fed with water!

A repair serum was used on my face to hydrate my skin. It was followed by essential oil to detox! I was told that in scientific terms, oil attracts oil. Therefore, people with oily skin should not be afraid to use oil to cleanse their skin!

For $480, the full treatment includes:
- Extraction
- Massage
- LPG Machine
- Mask

There are also ala carte and express packages to choose from!


Every day is Mother's Day! For the month of May, you can get the full treatment of 2 hours for just $128!

For more information, visit:
Orchard Parade Hotel #01-06
Tel: 6737 9095

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