The Dragon Boat Festival may be over, but the yumminess of Rice Dumplings continues.

At Din Tai Fung, you'll find that their version is not traditionally triangle-shaped we're used to seeing. Instead, you can recognise a Din Tai Fung rice dumpling anywhere because of it's uniquely pillow shape!

If you are on Team Savoury, the Rice Dumpling with Flavoured Pork is back by popular demand since it was first launched in 2012! Did you know that they require intensive cooking and a preparation time of at least 6 hours?

Succulent premium pork belly is used, steeped in a secret marinade recipe and stuffed within tender top grade Taiwan glutinous rice for a soft and chewy texture. The dumplings are then wrapped in bamboo leaves, allowing the rice to absorb the fragrance of the leaves and tender pork, creating a heavenly aroma and flavour in every mouthful.

They are no longer available for now, but do grab it early next year to avoid disapointment!

What is available year-round however, is the Red Bean Rice Dumpling! Need to satisfy those rice dumpling cravings of yours? No problem! If you're on Team Sweet-Toothed, the well-loved red bean specially imported from DTF Taiwan is the perfect choice.

Using premium rice grains from Taiwan, each glutinous rice dumpling holds a generous filling of red bean paste which has nutritional benefits. At $5 per piece, they are hand-made using top grade Taiwan glutinous rice and generously stuffed with the finest red bean paste. Rich in minerals and fibre, each mouth-watering bite will leave you craving for more!

Promotional Offer:
- From 1 May to 30 June, Diners can enjoy a complimentary piece of Red Bean Rice Dumpling with a minimum spending of $90 at Din Tai Fung while OCBC Cardmembers only need a minimum spending of $80.

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