Fu Chan F&B Group is a private limited company that was first established in 1999. Currently, they have a total of 19 outlets that spreads island wide.

Their Tampines outlet that I visited was established in the year 2011. Patrons will be elated to know that it runs for 24 hours daily! Super early breakfast or late-night supper munches can be settled at this unpretentious and newly renovated coffee shop. On top of the already many attractive points, Fu Chan Coffee Shop also broadcasts football daily.

Conveniently located near the Tampines Round Market & Food Centre, the coffee shop is a 15-20 mins walk from Tampines MRT station.

So what is it that distinguishes Fu Chan from the rest of the coffee shops around? Let's take a look at what their menu has to offer.

For drinks, Fu Chan Beverages is the place to go to quench your thirst. The pop of striking colours from all over the shop speaks for itself - whichever drink you want, they've probably got it.

I went for my usual choice, which was also the shop's most popular drink. The $1.40 Homemade Iced Lemon Tea came in a beer mug. It leaned towards the sweeter side with a tinge of sour taste from the lemon, just the way I like it.

If you're the kind who loves breakfast sets, you'd be delighted to know that Fu Chan Beverages offers all-day value set meals. You can fill your tummy for just $2!

If you're craving for something soupy, you'll be slurpified at Soup Master. You can even request to top-up your soup, and it's all free-of-charge!

I went for the Old Cucumber Soup which was inexpensive for $4. The taste was rather bland, but the ingredients used are nourishing for the body.

Meat lovers, you'll probably drool over what Roasted Delights has to offer. One will never go wrong with the dishes they serve, in which most are local favourites!

At just $3, you can have either the Char Siew Rice or Roasted Pork Rice. The option to have the best of both worlds are available too at $3.50. The meat are not overly salty, and the portion I was served was pretty generous!

Konnichiwa! Aji-Ichi serves Land of the Rising Sun cuisine, which probably explains the striking red colour of their stall. You can choose from a list of ramen, udon, donburi or nabemono dishes, unique from what the typical kopitiam Japanese food stalls serve.

Had the Japanese Beef Rice priced at $7.50 which comes with miso soup. The meat was so-so, I felt that it lacked a certain oomph factor. I wish they added more sauce or maybe complete the dish with an egg below it. But the winning factor was the rice they use; it tasted similar to what I had in Japan! Fat and round, you can't help but to take another spoonful. I later learnt that my speculations were right - Aji-Ichi uses the best rice out of all the stalls at Fu Chan.

Moving on, Ho Kee serves the wok dishes I love!

Their specialty - the Fried Hokkien Mee. Available at $3.50 for Small, $4.50 for Medium and $6 for Large. It was appropriately wet, satisfying and flavourful. The generous portion was not overly greasy at all. The chilli sauce also brought a kick to the dish!

Be even more spoilt for choices at Mixed Vegetable. Mix and match what you'd like to have with the troughs of cooked food.

The star dish is probably their Curry Fish Head, served in claypot style. At $16, it tasted decent with fish meat that's tender. The taste of the curry was not overly rich either.

If food from the East is not to your liking, why not go West with Kare Express & Grill by Raj Brothers?

Not only is their Chicken Chop huge in portion, it has a pocket-friendly price tag of only $5.50. That's quite a bang for your buck! You could taste the flavour of the chicken that matched well with the pool of mushroom sauce and it's crispy grilled skin. I am a fan of their mashed potato and salad sides as well.

What caught my eye though was Sukho Thai! They specialize in authentic and economically priced Thailand zi char dishes.

I was bolted awake immediately after my first sip of their Tom Yum Soup. Available at $12.90 for Small and $21.90 for Large, boy is it chokingly spicy! This kick-ass soup gives a sour yet mildly sweet aftertaste.

For the sweet-toothed, one of the dessert choices is the Mango Glutinous Rice. Not only is the mango sweet, it goes hand-in-hand with the warm sticky rice for only $5.50. Though it may not be the best around, this dessert is still up to the mark to end your meal with.

Another pick would be the Tapioca drenched in coconut milk. The warmly served shiok-ness will leave you in goosebumps as it's not bad at all, and it's only $3.90!

Last but not least, Al Habib is the best stall to go for late night supper! They serve the nation's favourite roti prata! They are all made-to-order, therefore freshness is guaranteed.

As the name suggests, the Paper Prata (Chocolate) is paper thin. Despite the massive height, you can peel it open layer by layer easily. The $2.50 giant is crispy and the sweet chocolate sauce goes well with it.

For a not-as-sweet option, you can pick the Paper Prata (Strawberry), available at the same price.

Fu Chan Coffee Shop
139 Tampines Street 11
Singapore 521139
Bus Services near the area: 8, 17, 18, 20, 28, 34, 39, 59, 292, 518

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