Woohoo! The annual Steamed Chilli Crab Dumplings promotion is back at one of my favourite Michelin Star restaurant, Din Tai Fung.

This mouth-watering dish was stimulated back in 2007 from Singaporean's love for the internationally-renowned dish of chilli crab. Since then, this exquisite creation captured the hearts of many fans, thus leading it to being offered year after year by popular demand!

The Steamed Chilli Crab Dumplings is a delicacy made up of a winning combination of fresh crab meat in a spicy chilli crab-based broth encased in a thin dumpling skin. Meticulously handmade by a team of devoted chefs dedicated to their craft, these localised dumplings preserve the brand’s characteristic of 18-folds! Furthermore, they are 40% bigger in size than the establishment's signature Steamed Pork Dumplings.

If you are a chilli crab and/or xiao long bao lover, you must try this for yourself! I cannot take anything too spicy, but the Steamed Chilli Crab Dumplings was just right for my palate. This is a dish that left me wanting to go back for more.

These limited edition dumplings are priced at $7.50 for four pieces. They are available at all Din Tai Fung outlets from 1 July to 31 August 2014.

For more information on Din Tai Fung:

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It's time for my favourite skin update post again! :D

I definitely look my worst here displayed for the entire world to see, but I want to share with y'all every skin improvement milestone I achieve at The Spa-Lon. Nowadays I don't feel as self-conscious as before whenever I head out of the house without makeup!

Basically the scars, marks and pimples are somewhat still around, but they're a minor problem. I'm able to hide them behind light makeup, unlike before. The Micro-Peeling Treatment and Photo Rejuvenation Treatment using the ATP-38 Machine works like a miracle on them!

Currently I'm just eager for my pores to shrink further and skin to become smoother. I will continue to work hard on my diet because my beautician Irene stressed on the importance of eating well too! She will also of course, do her magic using the machine.

Did you know that ATP-38 Treatments can be customized and tailor-fit to individual needs!?

My customised ATP-38 package consists of:
- Micropeeling
- Photo Rejuvenation Treatment
- Extraction
- Renewal Facial:

S$2669.50 (inclusive of GST) x 5 sessions

If you're interested, you can call Irene @ Tiong Bahru (6276 6313) main outlet for more information. The more sessions you buy, the further the discount!

The SPA-Lon

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Tiong Bahru Plaza
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Remember my previous posts on some of the pieces I got my hands on from Lee Cooper's Summer 2014 Collection? You can read all about it here: http://www.iisjong.com/search/label/lee%20cooper

In this post, I will be showing you how I further incorporate some of my favourites from the collection with everyday styles!

Apart from tying it around your waist, you can opt to wear the Pink Knitted Cardigan top around the shoulders for a more preppy look. It is perfect for summer because of the thin, breathable and light material! It acts as an extra layer whenever you need it.

No more dull denim moments! Denim is timeless and classic. The Long-Sleeve Chambray Shirt in Mid Indigo can be worn buttoned or unbuttoned. For this style, I chose to wear the shirt over my t-shirt for a more casual look that's comfortable at the same time.

Shorts, must-have wardrobe essential. This easy-to-match Denim Shorts is perfect for a day at the beach!

If shorts are not your kinda thing, why not go for something casual chic?

The last piece of clothing I picked from the Lee Cooper Summer Collection is the Pigment Print Pants in Blue. Made with 97% cotton and 3% elastane, this comfortable slim fit long pants that is lightweight.

The pants is splattered with pigment prints all over, turning this boring pair of pants into an interesting and trendy piece.

For more information on Lee Cooper, visit:
Orchard Gateway
277 Orchard Road
Level 02-17A
Singapore 238858
Tel: 6844 9467

Hashtag: #LeeCooperSG
It is no secret that my soul thirsts to wander the world. The freedom and the knowledge I gain with every trip is something no one can give, adding a value that's priceless to every experience.

They say a picture paints a thousand words. I have a long list of dreams, and one of them is to document my adventures behind the camera lens. I want to showcase my pictures to my family members who might not have the luxury of time to be there with me, as well as the curious minds all over the world seeking for stories before they head to their next travel destination.

I have a keen interest in photography since a young age. Just like clothes and shoes, 1 camera is never enough to satisfy me! I picked the recently released NX3000 by Samsung as my choice to assist me in this little humble dream of mine.

Taking a first look at the camera, I love the flip-up screen that's perfect for selfie-taking! I can now kiss goodbye to the low-resolution selfie pictures on my mobile phone.

I brought my new camera along with me to my impromptu trip to Seoul recently! We had many 'first time' moments together. Here are some of my favourites, all taken with the Samsung NX3000! I am amazed by the picture quality for an entry-level camera.

Mental battle with myself – virgin experience trying live octopus wriggling at Noryangjin Fish Market, a delicacy in South Korea.

Taking time to stroll around the massive Gyeongbokgung Palace, the first royal palace built in the Joseon Dynasty.

Capturing silly antics of friends I’m travelling for the first time with. Many people were amused by the three of us, lol.

Donning the Hanbok, a traditional Korean outfit.

Visiting the drama special exhibition of my current favourite Korean drama – You Who Came From the Stars! *.*

Trying out all sorts of interesting snacks. Fried chicken biscuits, anyone?

There are many functions on the camera that I love, but my favourite has got to be the Wi-Fi function!

There is no need to spend extra money to purchase an external wireless Wi-Fi card like I did with my other cameras. Save money, ding ding! :D

Transferring pictures from the camera to the rest of my electronic devices are no longer a hassle. In fact, they are done in a jiffy! Now you know why the pictures on my Instagram are looking better recently. *wink wink*

You obviously stalk my social media accounts, mum.....

Because sharing is so easy and immediate, my worried parents can update themselves on what I am doing without me informing them!

Another favourite function of mine has got to be the Beauty Face!

I've heard many raves about it, but none of the cameras I've used had this particular function. Editing pictures with me in it got so much easier, now that I don't have to spend as much time on it!

A selfie taken in Hongdae with Beauty Face.

I did not edit my complexion at all, but look how glowy and smooth my skin turned out!

Do you have dreams which you think Samsung’s products can help you fulfil? Why not join the Dream Exchange at www.DreamExchange.com and submit your dreams. You’re going to be a step closer towards it as you might walk away with your chosen Samsung product!

Want to know more? Read about it on my previous post here:

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I am sure the popular classifieds site Gumtree needs no introduction. Whenever I am on school holiday (like now), Gumtree is my favourite go-to site where I camp for part-time jobs regularly. Occasionally, I'll take a look at the Stuff For Sale section to see at what sellers have to offer.

I am part of "The Giving Tree" campaign, a corporate social responsibility (CSR) project by Gumtree. Through the project, Gumtree hopes to connect with the disadvantaged children in Children's Aid Society's Melrose Home, and make a little difference in the lives of the children. They hope to encourage the spirit of volunteering, in which I am thankful for.

As a regular volunteer myself, I understand the needs of showing more love and warmth towards the underprivileged in Singapore.

I used to volunteer for an organization in which the Melrose Home is a part of, therefore this campaign had an even deeper meaning and significance to me. While I might not have been there personally on the day the other bloggers went down to help out, Gumtree generously gave me an amount of money to purchase brand new items on their website which I thought would be beneficial for the kids. I went out of budget and had to fork out my own money in the end, but it was all well worth it!

Trading goods on Gumtree is SO EASY! Sellers can post their items up for sale whilst buyers can search for items all for FREE! :O There is no need for sign-ups and you can enjoy both buying and selling online, readily available to you 24/7.

All you need is just your phone or email account. I contacted my seller through text messages and phone calls.

I love how everything is organized categorically, minimizing confusion when I surf their site.

You can narrow down your search with the item search function and even the filters too! Absolutely idiot-proof.

I don't know how to stop myself from browsing through all that endless amount of items on sale. Users can also buy and sell on-the-go now with Gumtree’s mobile apps available on iOS and Android. Talk about convenience! (And maybe a burn in my wallet.)

I am glad to have brought a smile to the children's faces. Thank you Gumtree and the Children's Aid Society Melrose Home for this opportunity! :D

I can't really remember where I got my outfit at exactly, but I think it is from a fashion store near Clementi Mall! :D

Back from my impromptu holiday to Seoul after a week. This sucks, bring me backkkkkkk!

There, I did it.

What most girls seriously consider but never dared to take that step - I snipped off my locks. Not just a bit, but a pretty damn lot!

Goodbye, hair. I won't miss you for now.

I was bothered by 2 things that led to my decision basically:

1) The weather is too hot!
2) Everyone's been telling me that my hair is getting quite frizzy at the end.

I couldn't take it anymore, so I went down to CLEO Hair & Make one afternoon and very firmly told Ryo: "Please cut my hair short!" I think he stunned for a bit, lololol.

Short hair is also a form of art, I feel. There may not be as much hair, but the design possibilities are endless! Ryo did a smart bob style for me and all my hair were the same length. That is quite a skill itself.

...... For me lah ok, because I cannot cut anything straight!

Colour wise, he did a ash colour for me on top that ended with a gradient of purple colour at the bottom.

I went back a few weeks later to touch up on my hair for a photoshoot! Ryo straightened my hair for styling wise this time.

Follow Ryo on Instagram here: http://instagram.com/ryocleo

View all my posts on CLEO Hair and Make here:

CLEO Hair & Make ♥
6 Eu Tong Sen Street, The Central Mall
Singapore 059817
Tel: 6338 5250
Do you have a dream? Why not turn it into reality with the help of technology?

Do you have a dream? Why not turn it into reality with the help of technology? Technology has involved significantly over the years, so much that we can travel with them in our pockets. We live in an age where everything is highly technological. We are so addicted to our gadgets that without them, we probably “don’t want to live anymore” (*slowly raise hands* ahem yeah this is a true personal account...)!

So when I first heard about the Dream Exchange campaign by Samsung, I immediately wanted to sign up! Basically, Samsung wants you, their consumers, to ponder how technology can play a part in fulfilling your dreams, enhancing your lives and enabling you to do more.

The best part? They’re rewarding you for it!

“I am not dependent on technology,” says no one reading this blog right now.

Take my family for example. We are huge Samsung supporters, so much that we can come up our own Samsung room at home or something, and I am not even kidding. In line with Samsung’s commitment to create possibilities for their consumers through their technology and products, the Dream Exchange campaign aims to inspire and enable consumers to turn their dreams into realities. You know, to put our heavy usage of technology into even better use!

Samsung featured four ordinary Singaporeans as Dream Exchange advocates that I’d very much like to share with y’all! Each of them has their own personal unique dreams. To kick-start their dreams, they have been given Samsung products to make them come true. I personally loved how inspiring the videos are!

“Samsung is dedicated to inspiring and empowering our consumers with our technology, and also sparking creative and new ways of using it. The future of technology has always been in the hands of the consumer,” said Irene Ng, Vice President, Marketing, Samsung Asia Pte Ltd. “The Dream Exchange campaign hopes to open doors for individuals to boldly and creatively dream big and let Samsung help them take their dreams to the next level. Nothing happens without beginning with a dream.”

From 1 July to 8 August 2014, all Singaporeans and Singapore Permanent Residents above 18 years are invited to share their dreams, and the ways in which Samsung’s products can fulfill them. Samsung will enable 50 consumers to take a step towards fulfilling their dreams, by rewarding them with their chosen Samsung product.

Consumers who wish to take part in this campaign can do so via the following ways:

1) Dream Exchange Microsite

• Log on to the Dream Exchange microsite - www.dreamexchange.com with a valid Facebook or Twitter account

• State dream in 125 characters, specifying the Samsung product which can help to fulfill it

• Click Submit to share your dream with Samsung

2) Roving Roadshows

Dream Exchange roving ambassadors will be at Orchard Road on 5 - 6 July and 12 - 13 July for consumers to submit their dreams on the spot

Dream Exchange truck will be at Chevron House, Raffles Place on 14-18 July to cater to the working crowd

I saw many many familiar names who already took part! :D Don’t be a tortoise, go ahead and share your great dreams with the world before it’s too late!

All winners will be notified via social media.