There, I did it.

What most girls seriously consider but never dared to take that step - I snipped off my locks. Not just a bit, but a pretty damn lot!

Goodbye, hair. I won't miss you for now.

I was bothered by 2 things that led to my decision basically:

1) The weather is too hot!
2) Everyone's been telling me that my hair is getting quite frizzy at the end.

I couldn't take it anymore, so I went down to CLEO Hair & Make one afternoon and very firmly told Ryo: "Please cut my hair short!" I think he stunned for a bit, lololol.

Short hair is also a form of art, I feel. There may not be as much hair, but the design possibilities are endless! Ryo did a smart bob style for me and all my hair were the same length. That is quite a skill itself.

...... For me lah ok, because I cannot cut anything straight!

Colour wise, he did a ash colour for me on top that ended with a gradient of purple colour at the bottom.

I went back a few weeks later to touch up on my hair for a photoshoot! Ryo straightened my hair for styling wise this time.

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