It is no secret that my soul thirsts to wander the world. The freedom and the knowledge I gain with every trip is something no one can give, adding a value that's priceless to every experience.

They say a picture paints a thousand words. I have a long list of dreams, and one of them is to document my adventures behind the camera lens. I want to showcase my pictures to my family members who might not have the luxury of time to be there with me, as well as the curious minds all over the world seeking for stories before they head to their next travel destination.

I have a keen interest in photography since a young age. Just like clothes and shoes, 1 camera is never enough to satisfy me! I picked the recently released NX3000 by Samsung as my choice to assist me in this little humble dream of mine.

Taking a first look at the camera, I love the flip-up screen that's perfect for selfie-taking! I can now kiss goodbye to the low-resolution selfie pictures on my mobile phone.

I brought my new camera along with me to my impromptu trip to Seoul recently! We had many 'first time' moments together. Here are some of my favourites, all taken with the Samsung NX3000! I am amazed by the picture quality for an entry-level camera.

Mental battle with myself – virgin experience trying live octopus wriggling at Noryangjin Fish Market, a delicacy in South Korea.

Taking time to stroll around the massive Gyeongbokgung Palace, the first royal palace built in the Joseon Dynasty.

Capturing silly antics of friends I’m travelling for the first time with. Many people were amused by the three of us, lol.

Donning the Hanbok, a traditional Korean outfit.

Visiting the drama special exhibition of my current favourite Korean drama – You Who Came From the Stars! *.*

Trying out all sorts of interesting snacks. Fried chicken biscuits, anyone?

There are many functions on the camera that I love, but my favourite has got to be the Wi-Fi function!

There is no need to spend extra money to purchase an external wireless Wi-Fi card like I did with my other cameras. Save money, ding ding! :D

Transferring pictures from the camera to the rest of my electronic devices are no longer a hassle. In fact, they are done in a jiffy! Now you know why the pictures on my Instagram are looking better recently. *wink wink*

You obviously stalk my social media accounts, mum.....

Because sharing is so easy and immediate, my worried parents can update themselves on what I am doing without me informing them!

Another favourite function of mine has got to be the Beauty Face!

I've heard many raves about it, but none of the cameras I've used had this particular function. Editing pictures with me in it got so much easier, now that I don't have to spend as much time on it!

A selfie taken in Hongdae with Beauty Face.

I did not edit my complexion at all, but look how glowy and smooth my skin turned out!

Do you have dreams which you think Samsung’s products can help you fulfil? Why not join the Dream Exchange at and submit your dreams. You’re going to be a step closer towards it as you might walk away with your chosen Samsung product!

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  1. Thanks for this review, I've been trying to find a great camera and this seems to be a good choice. I love how it's so small, have you tried the video function? What do you think about that?

    Sending lots of love,