Do you have a dream? Why not turn it into reality with the help of technology?

Do you have a dream? Why not turn it into reality with the help of technology? Technology has involved significantly over the years, so much that we can travel with them in our pockets. We live in an age where everything is highly technological. We are so addicted to our gadgets that without them, we probably “don’t want to live anymore” (*slowly raise hands* ahem yeah this is a true personal account...)!

So when I first heard about the Dream Exchange campaign by Samsung, I immediately wanted to sign up! Basically, Samsung wants you, their consumers, to ponder how technology can play a part in fulfilling your dreams, enhancing your lives and enabling you to do more.

The best part? They’re rewarding you for it!

“I am not dependent on technology,” says no one reading this blog right now.

Take my family for example. We are huge Samsung supporters, so much that we can come up our own Samsung room at home or something, and I am not even kidding. In line with Samsung’s commitment to create possibilities for their consumers through their technology and products, the Dream Exchange campaign aims to inspire and enable consumers to turn their dreams into realities. You know, to put our heavy usage of technology into even better use!

Samsung featured four ordinary Singaporeans as Dream Exchange advocates that I’d very much like to share with y’all! Each of them has their own personal unique dreams. To kick-start their dreams, they have been given Samsung products to make them come true. I personally loved how inspiring the videos are!

“Samsung is dedicated to inspiring and empowering our consumers with our technology, and also sparking creative and new ways of using it. The future of technology has always been in the hands of the consumer,” said Irene Ng, Vice President, Marketing, Samsung Asia Pte Ltd. “The Dream Exchange campaign hopes to open doors for individuals to boldly and creatively dream big and let Samsung help them take their dreams to the next level. Nothing happens without beginning with a dream.”

From 1 July to 8 August 2014, all Singaporeans and Singapore Permanent Residents above 18 years are invited to share their dreams, and the ways in which Samsung’s products can fulfill them. Samsung will enable 50 consumers to take a step towards fulfilling their dreams, by rewarding them with their chosen Samsung product.

Consumers who wish to take part in this campaign can do so via the following ways:

1) Dream Exchange Microsite

• Log on to the Dream Exchange microsite - with a valid Facebook or Twitter account

• State dream in 125 characters, specifying the Samsung product which can help to fulfill it

• Click Submit to share your dream with Samsung

2) Roving Roadshows

Dream Exchange roving ambassadors will be at Orchard Road on 5 - 6 July and 12 - 13 July for consumers to submit their dreams on the spot

Dream Exchange truck will be at Chevron House, Raffles Place on 14-18 July to cater to the working crowd

I saw many many familiar names who already took part! :D Don’t be a tortoise, go ahead and share your great dreams with the world before it’s too late!

All winners will be notified via social media.

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