My friend Miyo from recently opened her own online fashion shop!

I've known Miyo for years now. She has always been enthusiastic and passionate about all things related to fashion and flowery things. She was a fashion student btw, so I can definitely trust her taste. Words can't express how happy I am for her, now that her little dream is fulfilled and her efforts are starting to sprout!

I got my hands on the Summer Floral Denim Shirt, available on the MORAMI website. The material was good and comfortable, I have to say! Had no problems wearing and stretching in it for the entire day. I also adore the details of floral prints on the upper chest area, making this piece stand out from the other plain-looking denim shirts.

Say goodbye to "I have nothing to wear!" days, because this versatile number can be worn in a variety of different ways! This is just 4 of the many.

But of course, I'm not doing this beautiful piece any justice.

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Continuing from my Part 1 post of the SBS Drama Special Exhibition - My Love From the Star / You Who Came From the Stars at Dongdaemun Design Plaza during my trip to Seoul, this is part 2 where I'll introduce Zone 3, Zone 4 and Zone 5.

* Heartbeat Zone | Experience the chemistry of Do Min Jun and Cheon Song I.

Chroma Key: Use chroma key system to take a photo with Cheon Song I or Do Min Jun with a fee.

Media Table where you can take a look at the special photo album, soundtracks and highlight videos.

3D Experience Zone, where you can watch a 5 minutes highlight video in 3D glasses.

This 3D TV is where you take a look at 3D videos without the need of 3D glasses.

TV showed the film production presentation. Signed items used in the drama are also specially displayed in the glass box.

Sneak peek into Do Min Jun's house!

A fake Do Min Jun's door, inspired by the one which appeared when he used his ability. It is said to be able to teleport you to different places (that didn't happen to me though).

Another Chroma Key! At this booth, you can take a photo shot where you'll be on the imaginary Do Min Jun's balcony with a fee.

* Longing Zone

This is the supposed comic book store Cheon Song I visited whenever she needed comfort and rest. It's a place for the customers to rest well.

Another media table.

* Destiny Zone

Heard of Time Slicing? At this Time Slice Photo Booth, you will take a video using the same technique used in the movie Matrix!

There are 20 cameras places in a 120 degrees angle, all snapping a picture of you at the same moment. You can experience this for free, but a fee will be requested if you want the video clip sent to you.

On March 9 2014, it is said that Do Min Jun came back on earth as a Jinjoo Meteorite lololol. The spaceship floating on top belongs to him.

They mentioned that this meteorite is real, brought from Seoul University's Research Lab! :O

Worn on the first episode of the drama, these are Do Min Jun's spacesuits!

The My Love From the Star exhibition in Seoul might be over, but don't be disheartened because I still have like a million of pictures to share!

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There has been a boom of private schools in Singapore offering higher learning education in recent years. I’m studying in a private school myself, therefore I keep track on the tertiary education industry here rather closely.

And if you haven’t heard, the latest on the list is M2 Academy!

Conveniently situated right in the heart of Orchard Road, you can find M2 Academy at the new Orchard Gateway @ Emerald, which is just a stone’s throw away from Somerset MRT.

SIGN ME UP PLEASE! I will attend my classes regularly for sure if my school is so highly accessible!

M2 Academy offers degree programmes from the University of South Australia, recognized globally as one of the rising higher learning education in Australia. Did you know that they were the youngest university to be mentioned in the World’s Top 50 of new global universities under 50 years old? They appeared in both the Times Higher Learning and QS World University Rankings in 2014.

I had the honour of meeting Mark, the Founder of M2 Academy.

With passion burning in his eyes as he spoke, he explained that he and his team at M2 Academy are doing their utmost to offer innovative and quality education that partner with industries. This is so as to assess the required skills needed to develop their students for the dynamic local and global economy. With that, they aim to be recognized as an institution that prepares students for work academically, technically and culturally.

The extensive programmes that they offer at the academy ranges from Business, Commerce to Engineering and lessons will commence in September!

You can find out more about them here:

This brand new campus in town is set to flutter the hearts of many prospective students with its meticulously designed architecture, state-of-the-art technology and facilities. Since I’ve witnessed the campus for myself, I can safely say that students there will be guaranteed with the optimal learning environment to excel because it’s specially focused for Y-O-U!

I noticed that they’ve made use of a more interactive style of educating students; meaning that students will learn new content online by watching video lectures. Good news is that the homework we all dread will be done in class! Lecturers will offer more personalized guidance and interaction with students, instead of the plain old lecturing entirely.

Though it is different from the usual style of learning we’re used to in Singapore, I think it can be quite an effective method to encourage students to learn by doing and asking questions. Furthermore, students can also give guidance to each other, which will in turn benefit both the advanced and less advanced learners.

Probably the school with the best view in Singapore!

Students have entry to an abundance of industry knowledge and valuable career opportunities that they will need through M2 Academy’s partnerships with global multinationals across the different industries. We’re talking about big companies like Bloomberg and Microsoft, for example.

Here are some key highlights:

> Industry-led, up-to-date curriculum, taught by world class lecturers. Almost 70% of academic staff hold doctorates and most have working experience in their respective fields.
> Corporate case studies, workshops and projects with opportunities to assist with industry-based projects or work alongside professionals from relevant industries.
> Regular industry-led practitioner presentations.
> Networking events.
> Career mentoring.
> Access to dedicated and experienced career services team.
> Partnership with specialist recruiters and Industry Associations & Memberships.

Graduates at M2 Academy will walk away equipped with strong industry partnerships and a robust curriculum focused on developing relevant real-world skill sets. This makes them highly employable and all set to thrive and bloom in the corporate environment!


*Raises hands* Me! Me! Me!

Get your FREE Spotify Premium Account for 3 Months when you go down to the M2 Campus at Orchard Gateway @ Emerald! Just mention “Joey Ong” or “iisjong”; it’s as easy as that!

It’s while stocks last, so you better grab it while you can.

For more information and updates on upcoming events like the flea market and 3D printing workshop, visit:

With every trip that I make to CLEO Hair & Make at The Central, I will be filled with excitement.

Well, why not? The environment is lovely, hair stylists are friendly, and I can haz a different look with every hair makeover!

As y'all are aware by now, I always leave the ultimate fate of my hair to my hairstylist Ryo since he is a professional.

This time I went BLUE! - And didn't turn out looking like I'm part of The Smurfs. 

Wasn't prepared for this at all, lol. I may seem like a bright colours person to many, but blue is my definite all-time favourite colour.

If you've noticed, it's also the branding colour for popular social media websites (like Facebook & Twitter etc.) I've read somewhere that it's the colour of the intellect. *ahem no wonder it's my favourite colour cough*

But most importantly, I love blue because the nature's colour is calming. Not too sure whether it's obvious to you, but Ryo had a 'Waterfall Effect' in mind thus that explains the random blue highlights on the top!

Also snipped off a small bit of mah hair. Initially I had doubts on whether I could pull the colour off since it was prominent and unseen of. Slowly, my new hairdo grew on me and I loved it each time I saw myself in the mirror. :D

So whatcha think? Do you love it or hate it?

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