With every trip that I make to CLEO Hair & Make at The Central, I will be filled with excitement.

Well, why not? The environment is lovely, hair stylists are friendly, and I can haz a different look with every hair makeover!

As y'all are aware by now, I always leave the ultimate fate of my hair to my hairstylist Ryo since he is a professional.

This time I went BLUE! - And didn't turn out looking like I'm part of The Smurfs. 

Wasn't prepared for this at all, lol. I may seem like a bright colours person to many, but blue is my definite all-time favourite colour.

If you've noticed, it's also the branding colour for popular social media websites (like Facebook & Twitter etc.) I've read somewhere that it's the colour of the intellect. *ahem no wonder it's my favourite colour cough*

But most importantly, I love blue because the nature's colour is calming. Not too sure whether it's obvious to you, but Ryo had a 'Waterfall Effect' in mind thus that explains the random blue highlights on the top!

Also snipped off a small bit of mah hair. Initially I had doubts on whether I could pull the colour off since it was prominent and unseen of. Slowly, my new hairdo grew on me and I loved it each time I saw myself in the mirror. :D

So whatcha think? Do you love it or hate it?

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