Continuing from my Part 1 post of the SBS Drama Special Exhibition - My Love From the Star / You Who Came From the Stars at Dongdaemun Design Plaza during my trip to Seoul, this is part 2 where I'll introduce Zone 3, Zone 4 and Zone 5.

* Heartbeat Zone | Experience the chemistry of Do Min Jun and Cheon Song I.

Chroma Key: Use chroma key system to take a photo with Cheon Song I or Do Min Jun with a fee.

Media Table where you can take a look at the special photo album, soundtracks and highlight videos.

3D Experience Zone, where you can watch a 5 minutes highlight video in 3D glasses.

This 3D TV is where you take a look at 3D videos without the need of 3D glasses.

TV showed the film production presentation. Signed items used in the drama are also specially displayed in the glass box.

Sneak peek into Do Min Jun's house!

A fake Do Min Jun's door, inspired by the one which appeared when he used his ability. It is said to be able to teleport you to different places (that didn't happen to me though).

Another Chroma Key! At this booth, you can take a photo shot where you'll be on the imaginary Do Min Jun's balcony with a fee.

* Longing Zone

This is the supposed comic book store Cheon Song I visited whenever she needed comfort and rest. It's a place for the customers to rest well.

Another media table.

* Destiny Zone

Heard of Time Slicing? At this Time Slice Photo Booth, you will take a video using the same technique used in the movie Matrix!

There are 20 cameras places in a 120 degrees angle, all snapping a picture of you at the same moment. You can experience this for free, but a fee will be requested if you want the video clip sent to you.

On March 9 2014, it is said that Do Min Jun came back on earth as a Jinjoo Meteorite lololol. The spaceship floating on top belongs to him.

They mentioned that this meteorite is real, brought from Seoul University's Research Lab! :O

Worn on the first episode of the drama, these are Do Min Jun's spacesuits!

The My Love From the Star exhibition in Seoul might be over, but don't be disheartened because I still have like a million of pictures to share!

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