My friend Miyo from recently opened her own online fashion shop!

I've known Miyo for years now. She has always been enthusiastic and passionate about all things related to fashion and flowery things. She was a fashion student btw, so I can definitely trust her taste. Words can't express how happy I am for her, now that her little dream is fulfilled and her efforts are starting to sprout!

I got my hands on the Summer Floral Denim Shirt, available on the MORAMI website. The material was good and comfortable, I have to say! Had no problems wearing and stretching in it for the entire day. I also adore the details of floral prints on the upper chest area, making this piece stand out from the other plain-looking denim shirts.

Say goodbye to "I have nothing to wear!" days, because this versatile number can be worn in a variety of different ways! This is just 4 of the many.

But of course, I'm not doing this beautiful piece any justice.

For more gorgeous pictures and apparels, visit:

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