Turning 21 is a huge milestone in life to many. Today, I pat myself on the back for surviving thus far ever since the world first welcomed me with open arms and warm hugs 2 decades ago. While many dream since early teen years to celebrate their momentous day with loved ones by throwing a party, I picked to go on an adventure.

To honour my first step into adulthood, I whisked away to Thailand's exclusive royal beach resort - Hua Hin. Am loving this place so far!

Pre-adulthood, I'd achieved great things I never thought I was capable of. At the same time, my rebellious self brought me shitty hell days as well. My life didn't go accordingly to how my parents and myself expected it to turn out. Nevertheless, I'm still thankful for my healthy life.

To cut all that crap short..... The clock stroke 12 on September 5 which means HAPPY 21ST BIRTHDAY TO MYSELF!

OMG I FEEL SO OLD. All of this still feels surreal. I've accomplished the greatest and most incredible feat I've waited for my entire life.

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