We've all had our down moments, didn't we.

For months, I was stuck in a black hole. Good time management was never something I had in me since young. In fact, it was my worst enemy. Day after day, I was filled to the brim with never ending work that "busy" slowly crept up as an excuse to silently cover my laziness as I tried to find space to breathe.

This negative energy slowly built up.

I still remember a time when I was so motivated and had no care about the world. So filled with positivity, overly eager to make myself useful as a source of information for others who happened to drop by this space.

I want to be like that again.

I assumed nobody would give a care about me & this blog, but during my darkest period, I'm glad to say that I was proven wrong. My readers and friends who left heartfelt messages when I least expected it, clients who still believed in me, thank you. Sorry for the unplanned hiatus & for missing in action. I'll get over myself and present a better me.

I've got plans planned ahead on this space, please look forward to the changes and improvements. Let's work hard together!

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