O Medical Clinic joins in the ever-growing and high-in-demand beauty industry! The new kid on the block is a flagship aesthetic clinic from the popular ONLY aesthetics.

Offering a heap of leading treatments you can find in Asia Pacific, I realized they bring one of the fastest and most affordable aesthetic treatments you can find in town! I headed down to O Medical Clinic to learn more about what they had to offer.

Situated on the top level of Wheelock Place, you won't miss out on the clean-looking space. You could feel the professional vibe even before you step in! It looked and felt like what a clinic was supposed to be, with a touch of futurism elements.

I was told to fill up a form before proceeding into one of the treatment rooms for a consultation.

Having went through their website before my appointment, I voiced out a list of treatments I had particular interests in. After having my problems professionally analysed from head to toe with one of the beauticians, we both agreed on going ahead with the Venus Freeze.

I'd heard so much about this treatment online, though never seen or tried it for myself. Venus Freeze is roaringly popular, especially in the USA! The multi award-winning and world acclaimed treatment had been featured in familiar TV programs such as The Doctors TV Show, Real Housewives of Vancouver and the Rachel Ray Show. Needless to say, it is also the signature treatment at O Medical!

The Venus Freeze benefits the body by tightening the skin and reducing cellulite at the targeted areas. For my case, the areas are my tummy and thighs. This safe treatment is suitable for all skin types, and effective when you're looking at reducing the appearance of wrinkles. There's literally no downtime after the treatment as well, which is why it's loved by many.

Firstly, a gel is applied onto the targeted area. Using patented (MP)2 technology, multi-polar radio frequency and Pulsed Magnetic field from the machine are utilized, which explains the therapeutic heat matrix produced when rolled over the skin.

The process was painless when treated on my thighs! I could only feel the warm sensation building up. I can't say the same for my tummy though. It did hurt especially when it's near my bones. But what is beauty without pain? :P Kidding, of course you can always inform your beautician to chill on the input strength anytime during the treatment.

Now we all know where most of my fats are stored at......

Venus Freeze U.P. $388, now only at $288! Just quote:
* Terms and conditions apply.

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O Medical Clinic
501 Orchard Road #05-09A Wheelock Place

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Many are gushing about the positive developments on my skin, but there are still a handful who ask why I'm still facing relatively bad skin problems despite undergoing many treatments. People need to understand that it's no easy feat taking care of such a headache skin type like mine, because outbreaks will still occur frequently! It's no walk in the park you see, but a constant uphill battle which requires time and patience.

To achieve what I have now is by sheer hard work. I believe that it's also an investment I will thank myself for in the future.

Adding on to that, the past few months was tough. Many matters didn't go as expected, countless of disappointments hit me right in the face. In result, the amount of stress I was facing levelled up. Luckily for me, not all hope is lost when proper care is taken. That's where the importance of maintenance comes in. Have to thank Irene! ^_^

Here are the picture documentations on my skin for the months of August through October!

Nope, still no flawless skin but you can't push away the significant improvements! A little bit is still better than stagnant. I was told again to watch my diet. 

The Spa-Lon made a video which I thought was worth sharing with y'all! If you've always wondered what I've been going through every session, here is a sneak peek on what you can expect when you undergo treatments on the ATP-38 machine.

The SPA-Lon

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City Square Mall, Singapore 208539
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"Do not let yesterdays disappointments overshadow on tomorrows dreams, because your life is like a mirror, if you keep smiling it smiles right back to you."

Dress is from Bangkok's Pratunam Market, opposite of Platinum Mall. Words can't express how much I love that hidden gem, especially the wholesale area in the early mornings! Got hold of a few beauties there, will share more when I've got the time. Also, you'll never believe this - the shades are a steal at $1! Yeah you read that right. Got 'em babies @ Talisman, Bugis Street Level 1. You're welcome.

To get hold of a detailed camera that's accompanied with quality lenses is already half the effort done when it comes to snapping breathtaking pictures. Well, I'm in love with mine! I took many test shots and am overly obsessed with how every capture turned out. Are you looking forward to more? Because I know I am! ^_^

Anyway, news flash! I know I've not been the most active, but I'm getting out of my hibernate mode. Together with the CLEO Hair & Make team and bloggers, we will be having a small gathering to mark the launch of the A/W Photo Book. I've gotten hold of 1 for myself, therefore it'll be a pleasure to spread this joy with the rest of you. It's a public event, bring along your whole kampong if you want to! ;P Alright I'm kidding, unless you still live in a kampong then that's a whole new story.

The first 50 guests will receive goodie bags full of vouchers - FREE & exclusive new treatment by CLEO, along with shopping vouchers from Rose Bullet, dining vouchers from Mago Saburou, and shampoo&treatment bottles from Mucota! If that's not tempting enough, then I don't know what is.

Venue: Mago Saburou Japanese BBQ Restaurant, Level 4 of ION Orchard
Date: 12 October 2014, Sunday
Time: 3pm - 5.30pm

I'll be popping by! Come say hi if you're around the area, heh! :D
I am a proud owner of the new Nikon D750 that was released last week! :D

My new toy came as a pleasant surprise. I am not a professional, but if there's anyone willing to help me familiarize myself with this camera, I'd be more than happy. ^_^

Also new, the iPhone 6 in Gold!

Still intending to sell it away though....... Don't get the hype over it, doesn't fit well in my pockets and my 5S works fine. Might abruptly change my decision next time, I don't know.

But for now, any takers? Email me!