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Many are gushing about the positive developments on my skin, but there are still a handful who ask why I'm still facing relatively bad skin problems despite undergoing many treatments. People need to understand that it's no easy feat taking care of such a headache skin type like mine, because outbreaks will still occur frequently! It's no walk in the park you see, but a constant uphill battle which requires time and patience.

To achieve what I have now is by sheer hard work. I believe that it's also an investment I will thank myself for in the future.

Adding on to that, the past few months was tough. Many matters didn't go as expected, countless of disappointments hit me right in the face. In result, the amount of stress I was facing levelled up. Luckily for me, not all hope is lost when proper care is taken. That's where the importance of maintenance comes in. Have to thank Irene! ^_^

Here are the picture documentations on my skin for the months of August through October!

Nope, still no flawless skin but you can't push away the significant improvements! A little bit is still better than stagnant. I was told again to watch my diet. 

The Spa-Lon made a video which I thought was worth sharing with y'all! If you've always wondered what I've been going through every session, here is a sneak peek on what you can expect when you undergo treatments on the ATP-38 machine.

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