Meet my out-of-this-world hair colour. I loved the vibrant pop of colours so much, I even went on to touch up the month after so that I could have them stay on my hair a little longer.

I've had people calling me anime, k-pop star, unreal, peacock, parrot.... Oh, you know what I mean. Hahaha!

Actually I wanted to go full green this time, but was afraid that I would end up looking like a seaweed. Ryo, my hairstylist, also didn't quite recommend it. Instead, he mixed green with blue!

But more of the blue.

Of course I still have my fears and all, but luckily for me the turquoise outcome left many beaming in jealously.

With turquoise as the main colour, Ryo experimented with colours by adding on purple and pink colours hidden underneath. Thankfully, everything looked almost too gorgeous together and thus, another piece of art form was created.

I remember someone pointing at me and telling his friends: "Wah, swag" later that day.

Yeah, it is the swaggest indeed! ;)

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