There, I said it.

Dear readers, are you sick of clicking on this URL, only to be welcomed with another ad-like post on the blog? You're not alone darling; I am fed up with myself as well. In Singlish terms, "I see my blog see until I also du lan." The point of this site is to stand out, not to look like the gazillions of generic blogs out there on the internet.

Question: Is this blog still worthy to uphold the many award-winning titles from the past?
Honestly, even I don't know anymore. Someone give me back my spark!

My Professional Writing lecturer explained in class today - blogs, to him, are an oxymoron. Why? Because blogs are personal diaries meant to be kept in the darkest of corners, never to be seen by the eyes of another. But look what it morphed into. An attention-grabbing space disguised as a private one on the surface.

A client of mine did a random poll with individuals who had no idea I existed, seeking for their first impressions of More than half of them commented that Jong, you need more personal content! I loved your own touch but there were so few of them sandwiched in between ads after ads... Ain't nobody got any attention span for that!

The results weren't surprising; I was prepared for it since I was fully aware that I am not in my best form right now. The thing is, I am extremely overwhelmed with new things going on in my private life that I barely have any time to blog properly anymore. I have many ideas I would love to share on this space, but where can I find the time to curate them all? When I actually do blog, it's usually because I'm rushing out the post to meet a client's dateline. Behind this account lie many already long outdated pictures, only missing the words, on cue to post.

I've cut down a lot on exclusive invitations already, even the regular ones and the ones that pay well. But as much as I can't stand my blog being terrorised by the name of others, I have to apologise because I can't not have ads. Here's my side of the story:

1) It is good money.

I'm not going to mention numbers here, but I can easily earn more than what I'm making after a month of part-time work with social media postings alone.

Extra cash in the pockets for something I enjoy doing, would you say no?

2) PR.

As a communications student, contacts in this field are very valuable to me when I look for a job in the future. Since I've pretty much decided that I want to slog my life working in the PR industry, I must of course show my good side to the people in PR agencies who create the opportunities for me. Who knows whether one of them will be my future supervisor right? And if I constantly reject them, what will they think of me? Why will they still want to keep me in the loop?

In order to build a relationship, would you say no?

3) The glitzy front.

I constantly have bloggers asking me: "Do you have the email to do this ad?" Non-bloggers will drool in envy whenever bloggers have freebies; sometimes we're even getting paid for it. Admit it, people WILL assume that you are not cool or famous enough if you don't show them that there are people interested to front you for their brand, which is not always the case. Blogs, in my opinion, have sadly evolved into an item of showoff. As much as I want out, this blog is my portfolio for point 2.

So to look good in front of people, would you say no?

I can go on, but this post is looking lengthy. I don't know how many eyeballs are still surviving at this point. All in all, I will control the flow definitely, but you won't see an ad-less page anytime soon. This is life - you can't stand it but you'll still have to clench your teeth and move on. What to do?

You know, but don't think that you know the whole story. All the opinions above are my own. These are thoughts at 5am on insomnia Thursday (technically it's already Friday, but it's not the next day until I sleep and wake up) (actually I have insomnia everyday). It's a food for thought for readers to better understand the mechanics going on behind; you don't have to take me too seriously.


  1. It's a hard balance but I guess even if it is a sponsored post, people still come to it for YOUR opinion and it's your opportunity to add more personal content in. The worst thing to do is just to copy and paste a press release, which I'm sure you won't do.

    Don't give up and continue to shine, JONG!

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  2. yo! happy monday to you! well, this is a good start already. the fact that you're aware of it and want to do something about it is a good start already, so don't be too hard on yourself.

    me so happy to see this post from you coz i can feel your personality and hear your thoughts through this one. not sure about others, but i'm getting rather sick and tired or reading blogs after blogs of sweet young things dressed in scarily similar looking clothes attending the same events and churning out similar contents.

    the real trick is to attend the same event as a thousand other peeps and come up with a post that stands out. find your own niche, can be telling a story with photos, framing it with your own thoughts, or paying attention to stuff that others miss out on.

    in my mind, if you wanna do this for real, you should consider yourself an influencer and not just another blogger. if you're an influencer, then you're supposedly the thought leader or at least, an early adopter. tell your readers something they don't know, or share with them another perspective.

    me thinks you have the spark to be something different, so leggo ^^