It's been 3 months since I've incorporated SingTel's latest mobile plan called the Easy Mobile into my life. I clearly remember the first time I got hold of it for a review, I never imagined myself to like this plan so much! It was more so since I wasn't a SingTel user at that point of time, just wanted to give it a shot for comparison purposes to see if it was worth it.

SingTel has also announced the winners who submitted their creative and innovative tweaks on the Tweakboard! Thanks for taking part. You can check out whether you're a winner here:

Now that I am in control of what I feel suits my lifestyle best, gone are the days I get screamed at for bursting my Talktime and Mobile Data yet again month after month! My current plan saw me paying the many SMSes that I don't use much anymore.... With the Easy Mobile plan, I am paying and giving the attention to the areas I'm more concerned about. And everything is done solely online!

I cannot stress enough how the My SingTel app proved to be a life saver as it helped me in being more aware of my usage on the phone. I found myself clicking on the app every other day! It is super convenient, one click and I gain the access to everything on my mobile plan.

I have to admit to being pretty upset that I'll have to return the phone (with the mobile plan) I borrowed from SingTel in a few days time... It was fun while it lasted!

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