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Centred around music, MGB (Music Gives Back in short), fuelled by a charity initiative group of individuals, have put together a charity concert. They aim to give back to the society by raising funds through their music.

The reason I wanted to share this with y'all, other than for the music, was because all proceeds go to charity beneficiary HCA Hospice, StarPals!

Tickets are already on sale through SISTIC:

If you're interested, save the date! (And time, for that matter.)
Date: 26th Dec 2014
Location: NUS UCC Hall
Time: 7pm

It is a pity that I'll be away for holiday on the day after Christmas. If you do happen to catch the concert, leave me a message and let me know how was it! :D
Should you need more information, visit their Facebook page:
Greetings from Changi Airport! At long last, the end-of-year vacation is shouting loud, welcoming messages to me! Or more like the other way round, heh. :P

I'd JUST completed my final presentation for the semester on a good note earlier this afternoon. This intensive semester kinda squeezed my brain cells dry. I can't even remember the last time I had adequate sleep... For the past few weeks, I'd slept for at most 5 hours tops..!?

Am about to whisk off to Taiwan before I roll over to the other side of the world - Italy - later this month. Talk about willingful madness! Have the time to type this right now because my flight got delayeddddd for 2 hours! >:(

I did not lug my laptop along with me this time, want to fully enjoy being away. I'd definitely be lurking around social media; leave me a message or a tweet if you need me! Bye!
If you've walked past The SPA-Lon's main branch at Tiong Bahru Plaza recently, you might wonder: "WHAT HAPPENED TO THE PLACE!?"

Relax! They have shifted their outlet to a new temporary location for the time being.

Old Location Address:
302 Tiong Bahru Road
Singapore 168732

And this is how their current temporary outlet looks like! I love the small details, especially the walls. *.* Albeit the space is smaller, it feels much cozier than before. I am not sure where and when will their new permanent main outlet be ready, but I'll keep you in the loop when I have news. For now, take note of the changes and give their new location a visit! :D

New Location Address:
The SPA-Lon
Blk 131 Jurong Gateway Road (Besides CPF building)
Nearest MRT station: Jurong East
Tel: 6276 6313
Finally, the last part to the SBS Drama Special Exhibition - My Love From the Star / You Who Came From the Stars at Dongdaemun Design Plaza! They shifted the exhibition to KINTEX 2 Outdoor Special Exhibition in Seoul and it will run till end of August next year.

 In this post, I'll introduce the random zones towards the end of my experience!

The drama sparked off the craze for chicken + beer, commonly known as Chi-maek (치맥). Chi-maek is common yet popular in the South Korean culture; locals have it as their meal or supper. What a better way to enjoy it than at the exhibition's cafe?

It's a pity that did not get to experience the cafe for myself as I already had my fill of chi-maek consecutively for the past few nights prior to visiting the exhibition.

Nothing much, just the highlights of the drama from the first episode till the end.

That area was the ACTUAL shooting spot where Cheon Song I did a stunt in the drama, in episode 14. Being the fan-girl I am, I ran up of course!

Above, there were posters of famous SBS dramas, some of which I recognized! There was also a tv showing the behind-the-scenes.

Do Min Joon-sshi, annyeong! :D

People-watching from the view above. And look at how the exhibition was constructed - pretty amazing!

You can bring back your memories of the drama at the memorial shop! Everything sold there is related to MLFTS.

There's also a souvenier shop, some of them related to the actors of the drama. They have a variety of stuff to buy, should you have the extra cash to burn. :P

At last, we have come to the end! I apologize for delaying the posts, but hope you've enjoyed them. Thanks for reading!

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Second last part to the SBS Drama Special Exhibition - My Love From the Star / You Who Came From the Stars at Dongdaemun Design Plaza I was dying to go when I was in Seoul! In this post, I'll introduce Main Zone 2.

I just found out that they shifted the exhibition from DDP to KINTEX 2 Outdoor Special Exhibition! Best thing is that it's till end of August 2015, so there's plenty of time. If you're a fan of the drama and happen to be in Seoul, do drop by if you have the time. I suppose it will be more or less the same as the one I went for.

* Cheon Song I's House

Guestbook in the shape of the script is displayed!

This is CSI's dressing room, where we take a peek into her extravagant lifestyle. Her accessories, clothes, handbags and lipsticks have garnered a lot of talk since the drama!

The bedroom, a.k.a the top star's secret life happens here.

Exact replica of Cheon Song I's living room! Some of the props are actual props tagged with a hefty price tag.

Next post - the final! :D Stay tuned to this space; it's coming right up.

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This is the Part 3 post of the SBS Drama Special Exhibition - My Love From the Star / You Who Came From the Stars at Dongdaemun Design Plaza that I went for when I visited Seoul in August. In this post, I'll introduce Zone 6 and Main Zone 1.

* Love Zone | People naturally fall in love through accidental encounter, heart beating moments, longing, and the strong faith that love is a destiny.

On display: The dress Cheon Song I actually wore!

Red Carpet: It was motivated from film awards in the drama.

* Do Min Jun's House

Broadcast camera experience. This is an actual camera the SBS station uses!

Actually the balcony where a lot of Do Min Jun & Cheon Song I's romantic love scene took place was at this area as well. However, it's just a green screen area and fans have to pay for their picture to be taken.

Do Min Jun's living room! The same telescope, sofa and kitcken.

Do Min Jun's Garden! His grass is displayed here. If you've watched the show, you'll know that when DMJ was sick or was about to go back to space, his grass will get either weaker/stronger.

Do Min Jun's bedroom. So simple and minimal.

Bicycles that DMJ actually used in the drama.

Ah, the famous library! The study room became popular due to its luxurious and modern design. It is assumed that DMJ used his ability freely, since there's no ladder to get some of the books.

I know it's taking forever to post everything up, but the exhibition was huge! Final 2 parts will be revealed soon. Fans of the drama, hang on!

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