Finally, the last part to the SBS Drama Special Exhibition - My Love From the Star / You Who Came From the Stars at Dongdaemun Design Plaza! They shifted the exhibition to KINTEX 2 Outdoor Special Exhibition in Seoul and it will run till end of August next year.

 In this post, I'll introduce the random zones towards the end of my experience!

The drama sparked off the craze for chicken + beer, commonly known as Chi-maek (치맥). Chi-maek is common yet popular in the South Korean culture; locals have it as their meal or supper. What a better way to enjoy it than at the exhibition's cafe?

It's a pity that did not get to experience the cafe for myself as I already had my fill of chi-maek consecutively for the past few nights prior to visiting the exhibition.

Nothing much, just the highlights of the drama from the first episode till the end.

That area was the ACTUAL shooting spot where Cheon Song I did a stunt in the drama, in episode 14. Being the fan-girl I am, I ran up of course!

Above, there were posters of famous SBS dramas, some of which I recognized! There was also a tv showing the behind-the-scenes.

Do Min Joon-sshi, annyeong! :D

People-watching from the view above. And look at how the exhibition was constructed - pretty amazing!

You can bring back your memories of the drama at the memorial shop! Everything sold there is related to MLFTS.

There's also a souvenier shop, some of them related to the actors of the drama. They have a variety of stuff to buy, should you have the extra cash to burn. :P

At last, we have come to the end! I apologize for delaying the posts, but hope you've enjoyed them. Thanks for reading!

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