Greetings from Changi Airport! At long last, the end-of-year vacation is shouting loud, welcoming messages to me! Or more like the other way round, heh. :P

I'd JUST completed my final presentation for the semester on a good note earlier this afternoon. This intensive semester kinda squeezed my brain cells dry. I can't even remember the last time I had adequate sleep... For the past few weeks, I'd slept for at most 5 hours tops..!?

Am about to whisk off to Taiwan before I roll over to the other side of the world - Italy - later this month. Talk about willingful madness! Have the time to type this right now because my flight got delayeddddd for 2 hours! >:(

I did not lug my laptop along with me this time, want to fully enjoy being away. I'd definitely be lurking around social media; leave me a message or a tweet if you need me! Bye!

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