Step aside, Ice Bucket Challenge. The Internet is currently being set ablaze by the Fire Noodle Challenge.

Said to be the spiciest noodle in Korea, brave contenders had to finish the Fire Noodles, or Buldak Bokkeum Myeon, as fast as they could. The Korean people are known for their love for spicy food. However, even the spice lovers themselves are facing a hard time finishing the noodles! :O

I am not one to follow trends, but I do love a good challenge. I bought a pack of 5 noodles from a Korean mart and decided to film my reactions down for the fun of it.

The Korean mart that I went to did not sell the one that comes in a cup. Instead, I bought a pack of 5 loose packets of noodles for SGD$7.50. They also sell it by packet at SGD$1.60 each. I vaguely remember seeing it before on my holiday to Seoul last August! Should have tried it then, dang.

Method of cooking is as how you would usually cook your instant noodles. Remember to pour the soup away when you're done because you'll want the noodles dry. The size of the noodles were slightly thicker than the regular ones I usually have.

Ah, the fuel to the fire! Throw in the entire packet of sauce and seasoning into the noodles for maximum effect, then mix well.

Ta-dah~ My stomach is upset by the looks of the bold and fiery red colour of the sauce already!

Does the Fire Noodle live up to its claims? Watch on to find out:

Verdict: while those who could withstand the spice expected more out of it, however I thought this was the noodle of death! I look pathetic with my teary eyes and vivid red lips, hahaha! Even as I am typing right now, I still can feel the swelling and tingling sensation on my lips. It does taste yummy though!!!

I could barely scrape past finishing a bowl of Kimchi Ramyun because of my low tolerance for spicy food; can only take up to a mild level. This was a whole new level for me! At the beginning, the spice was bearable and I even bore thoughts that this was just another overrated product. While it wasn't the usual in-your-face kinda spiciness, this was one that slowly builds up.

Needless to say, I am a weakling and eventually gave up on the challenge in the end. I edited out a huge chunk of parts in the video, therefore it seemed like I gave up easily, but noooo! What you didn't see was how I was choking badly and my tongue was numb till the point I felt extremely unbearable and uncomfortable to continue on. Don't wanna risk myself over a packet of noodles!


Evidence of post-torture. I didn't even edit my lips in this picture! Why waste unnecessary money on expensive botox and lip plumper? Just eat Buldak Bokkeum Myeon!

If you're up for the challenge for the sake of bragging rights, I suggest you eat it as quick as a lightning and not stop no matter how spicy it is! If not, you might never be able to finish it (like me). Be careful not to choke on the noodle though, lol. Remember to prepare your tissues for the tears, and milk as it's the best cure to cool your tongue when you eat spicy food.

I took my time to talk, and even stopped here and there, hoping for the pain to go away. Did not happen. In fact, it turned out to be even worse!

Will I give it another shot? Maybe, after I've mastered the skill of Spicy Food Tolerance.
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Famished after the long flight, I was on the hunt for a decent place to have my first meal at! I settled for Trattoria (Italian restaurant) A La Bricola for dinner due to its strategic location near the San Marco area. You won't miss the prominent trattoria since it is right at the turning point before you head towards another alley.

On first impression, it seemed like a popular place! The floor area was nearly filled up, and I remember seeing stairs that lead up to the 2nd level. I was impressed with the rustic decorations, especially the unique pitchers that hung above on the ceiling. Free Wi-Fi was also provided for customers, plus point up!

A must in every Italian restaurant, I was given bread to control my salivation as I waited for the main dishes to arrive. While it's complimentary at some trattorias, I had to pay €1.50 for each piece of bread here.......

I ordered their carbonara and ham pizza. I enjoyed my food very much! It was, in fact, one of the best I had in Venice! However, after a quick search of the trattoria online, I was taken aback by the long list of bad reviews the place received.

For a plate of carbonara + pizza + glass of water + €1.50 per person coperto + 12% service charge, my meal added up to €34.72. I do agree with the majority who left reviews on TripAdvisor that price wise it did seem slightly inflated - the coperto was rather unnecessary. Adding on, the mediocre slow service did not match the price tag of the service charge.

I am still speculating whether I was too hungry that the food seemed divine to me at that point.

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A La Bricola
Centro Storico calle dei Spechieri No. 476, Venice, Italy
+39 0415230218

Who doesn't want a pearly white set of teeth?

I've always been self-conscious about my teeth because of the stains and spots on it, which explains why I rarely dared to flash my million-dollar smile. There are a tons of food options I consume on a daily basis that are culprits the the current state of my teeth - colourful food. We're talking about curry, tea, coffee, wine, etc. I have considered the option of bleaching my teeth numerous times, but was strongly advised against it by my dentist.

When I was offered a chance to try out LED teeth whitening through LUSH Aesthetics, I quickly jumped at the opportunity! But to be safe, before my appointment, I asked (and Google-d) about what was coming in my way. Turns out that LUSH is using the latest technology that is non-invasive and painless!

Upon being ushered into one of their treatment rooms, I was briefed through the current shade of my teeth, and what was to be expected during and after the process.

First, a tool was inserted into my mouth to prevent it from closing during the treatment. Next, Vaseline was applied to my lips to prevent it from being chapped. My gums were protected with the application of a special blue gel. The treatment was executed after the application of a non-peroxide gel on my teeth, where the whitening magic will take place.

The LED machine was placed according to the placement of my teeth, before it was turned on to activate the gel. I had to go through 2 rounds of a 20 minutes session.

Although the treatment was painless, I did felt a small discomfort. My mouth was kept open the entire time, which caused a flood of saliva in my mouth as it was difficult to swallow! It was left like that for nearly an hour. I drooled down a pool upon the removal of the tool, which was extremely embarrassing!

Even though it wasn't the pearly white I dreamt of, having my teeth immediately lightened by 4 shades had me impressed. The results may vary from person to person, but it is visible in one session for sure. Due to the absence of peroxide contents, it does not affect the tooth's sensitivity too, wheeeee!

If you were to try out the treatment for yourself, remember that you're to avoid strong, colourful food for the next 3 days. Food that are too hot or too cold is a huge no-no as well! Better not risk it.

Lush Aesthetics
19 Tanglin Road, Tanglin Shopping Centre,
#06-11, Singapore 247909

Phone: +65 6737 4964 / 6733 2431
Together with the rest of my accommodation in Italy, I booked my 2-nights stay in Venice through an online site. It was an entire apartment managed by the same people at Residenza Laguna.

I didn't expect my first stay in Italy to be such a disastrous one.

Was given clear instructions in the corresponding email with the management on the different means of reaching the apartment upon arrival. Other than the booking fee, I learnt through a phone call prior to the trip that I would be required to bring my own toiletries. I also had to pay additional fees in cash for towels and city tax. Uhhh, ok...

Upon arrival in Venice, I called the supposed Boss to inform him about my arrival. Was welcomed by 2 of his staff at the Cà Doro waterbus station, followed their lead to the apartment. The place was on one of the smaller streets, quite a distance away from the station. The colour & design of the building blended in well with the surrounding buildings, making it difficult to find in the beginning. We entered the building with no lights at the entrance. Fumbled my way up the stairs in the darkness to the apartment at 2nd level.

The horror began when I entered the apartment. The electricity couldn't be turned on! All of us flicked every possible light switch we could find up and down repeatedly, but to no avail. The staff claimed that this was a first, reassured that the problem would be fixed in an hour.

Alright, so I went out for a few hours and left them to settle the problem. With aplenty of time, things were supposed to work when I get back, right? Wrong!

After an angry phone call to the Boss (who was extremely rude and gave various excuses, if I might add), I learnt that due to power failure in the building, there was no way the lights could be switched on!

I was instead, offered accommodation at their hotel. The staff didn't even bother to come over and bring me to the hotel! Fine, I lugged my heavy luggage and backpack in the cold and late night trying to locate our meeting point, the Rialto Bridge. I had an exhausting long-distance flight, and drama was the last thing I wanted. What a mood dampener!

The location of the hotel was conveniently situated; the Rialto Bridge was a 5-minutes walk away. I wouldn't call it a hotel though, because the standard didn't match the title. Maybe more like a B&B guest house?

The front door was locked, plus there wasn't anyone manning the front desk most of the time. I was guided to my room at the 2nd floor *glares at the steep stairs and unsupportive rope handle*. Because of the big hoo-haa, I was given complimentary towels and breakfast WHICH SHOULD ALREADY BE INCLUDED IN THE BOOKING FEE IMO!?

I felt cheated with the significant downgrade of room. It was a far cry from the more spacious apartment! Also, the condition didn't look as advertised. The wi-fi connection was the least fantastic, the air-conditioner wasn't working well and the toilet was dirty and compact.

Needless to say, the service from the hotel staff was horrible as well. I might have to write another essay if I went into the details.

This tiny dining area for breakfast was right outside my room. Despite the limited choices, food was the only positive point at Residenza Laguna. There were cakes and pies, but my favourite was the ham and cheese on toast! I am not a coffee lover, but the cappuccino was great too.

There was only 1 young waitress attending to all the guests, poor thing. She barely spoke any English, making it rather difficult to communicate with her.

Would I recommend this place to anyone? With tons of other options available, no, unless they don't have a choice. And I'm not even a fussy person.

Residenza Laguna
Calle dei Galizzi, 1016, San Polo, Venice, Italy 30125

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I went on an Italy-bound adventure last holiday, with the starting point set at Venice, one of the must-visit Big 3 cities!

It was a long and exhausting flight transiting from Singapore > Doha > Venice, and my excitement for arrival (first time in Europe!!!) made everything much more painful to bear. 2 flights and 5 meals later, at last I arrived at Venezia's Marco Polo airport! The weather was 4 degrees Celsius, brr~

It felt like I travelled back in time, since Singapore was 7 hours ahead.

Other than the 6 Euros, I understood nothing lol.

In Venice, you'll ALWAYS have to validate your public transport tickets before you get on! There'll be a validating machine for you to do so. If you get caught for failure of compliance, you might have to pay a fine!

To get to the apartment hotel I booked at the main area of Venice, I had to hop on the ATVO bus, as recommended by the hotel, from the airport to Piazzale Roma.

You can buy public transport tickets from machines as you wait at the baggage collection area, but I chose not to. Instead, I chose to play it safe by purchasing at the ticketing counter outside instead. Turn to your left upon exiting from arrivals; you should see the prominent public transport tickets office.

The ride was about 20 minutes.

Upon arrival, I had to purchase another ticket in order to hop on the waterbus to Cà Doro station, where I met with a staff from the hotel to bring me to my apartment. The distance from station to station on the waterbus line is rather short; I reached my destination in 10 minutes!

Remember the thing about validating your tickets? This is how the machines look like at the various waterbus stations.

Tip: You don't really have to purchase a ticket unless you're boarding from either ends of the waterbus line. I got lucky and saved a lot of money from transport fares for hopping on and off without inspector checks!

Then again, it probably worked only because the waterbuses were packed due to the holidays. 

This is Venice's floating bus stop!

A peek into the waterbus.

In the next post, I'll be sharing my accommodation. You better stay close, there's a lot to cover on Venice alone! It's my favourite city out of all that I'd visited during my trip. Follow my posts on Venice here:

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If we follow each other and you've been Liking my pictures on Instagram, this should be a regular and common sight on your Activity feed:

I do this: go through each friend's profile with every picture of mine they'd Liked, then Like their pictures back. While some were grateful and even took the chance to make jokes out of it, a part of me worries about the others who might have passed me off as irritating and attention-seeking.

The reason for this post is to address the issue - voicing out to those who are still swimming in a pool of confusion.

You see, Instagram is a drug.

1) Obsession With Likes
A friend once asked why I didn't Like her photo on Instagram. It is the sad truth, but people are Like-starved. I am, unfortunately, also a victim and hate to admit that I've gone a little too far with the hashtag game (that's a whole new topic of discussion by itself). We achieve our highest number of Likes and we continue craving for more. It is shocking how a double tap is so powerful as to affect someone's perception of others as well (I've got many bitching to me about it, just so you know).

2) You Support Me, I Support You
I've had various discussions regarding addiction with the app, and there was a point we all agreed on - as a friend, shouldn't we be "supporting" each other more through Likes (refer to above point)? Shouldn't friendship be a reciprocal thing - if one doesn't put in the effort in catching up with my life, why should I be one-sidedly doing it?

While some may argue that's being small minded, however I'm not expecting to receive a Like for every single post of mine (though I personally think my pictures aren't that bad) (& it'd be good if you could), but at least once in awhile so I know you're there, and that you care.

3) I'm Genuinely Interested In Your Life
Which brings me to the point where I don't have the luxury of time to be on Instagram 24/7, but I wanted to make sure that my friends felt my love, literally.

Especially during my trips last month, I wanted to be in the moment while overseas. I had to distance myself away from social media, which translates to missing nearly a month worth of updates. One month of updates on social media is like ten years in real life, lol. Alright, just joking but you get my drift.

This is, of course, my side of the story. It is ok if you don't agree with me, and would like me to stop with the outpour of notifications on your feed. Let me know through email or something about your opinions, I would love to hear and maybe even discuss further about the issue.

And if you haven't followed me, here's my account:

P.s. If we know each other personally and I haven't followed you back, unfollow and re-follow me again so that I can see you at the top of my followers list and return the favour.

First of all, Happy 2015! ^_^ *Pops champagne* 1st post of the year!

I have hit the limit I gave myself to slack and waste my life away doing nothing. Now, it is time I move on from my previous depressing mode.

Now that I am all geared up and ready to rumble, instead of dumping resolutions you and I know expire after a few months (haven't properly hit the gym since I made the new year resolution at 17 y/o), I'll share the real plans I want to work on in this year. They revolve mostly on the blogging aspect since it's pretty much my job, and I'd like to keep personal ones to myself and my loved ones.

1) Improvements On Language
I am not the best writer around. I am ashamed that even simple grammar troubles me. To tackle that, and for self-improvements, I want to re-read grammar and vocabulary books from Primary level. I think it benefits me for the sake of this blog, for other publications I write for, for my communications degree I'm currently pursuing, and for my future job. How can a media student write so horrendously? Adding to the list is referring to every day. If I learn a word a day, that'll be 365 new bombastic words I can show off in a year.

2) Disassociation With Agencies
Don't pretend you don't read gossip - all of us are fully aware of the blog war that blew out late last month between Xia Xue and Gushcloud. I've been following the entire story quietly, but chose not to voice out my opinions which I perceive should be kept to myself.

There are various lessons I have learnt from the saga, one in which tells me to stay as who I am and not be someone's puppet. I've noticed that many successful individual bloggers I look up to don't link themselves to any agencies, which I applaud for and strive towards. They shine more that way. That being said, I am thankful for job opportunities I'd received through agencies previously, but I think it'll be even more of an achievement to receive my own (and keep the agency fees for myself).

Maybe I'll regret this decision, maybe someday I'll be persuaded that there's such a company out there whom I can trust, has valid strong points to change my ideas, share similar beliefs and treasures me. Not sign me up like how many did just based on numbers and looks, which puts me off. Till then, I'll stand as an individual.

3) Clearer Changes
Another lesson learnt from the blog war was not to mislead readers and having proper ethics. There may be no law or rules in the blogging scene, but that does not dismiss basic writing etiquette. For example, my sponsored / advertorial posts are usually tagged at the end of the post, but from this post onwards, I will state them out clearly at the start of every post.

4) Regular Giveaways
Every time I'm overseas, I sweep off shelves of souvenirs and gifts for loved ones, friends and sponsors. From this new year onwards, I am going to do the same for those who have supported me. I know some of you have had my back for the longest time; my only way to thank y'all is to share my experiences and have y'all in my thoughts through the items I bought from my trips. Familiar names will get exclusive priority. Let's hope I travel often! :P

5) Increase In Productivity
This is the headache part... I love taking my time to do things, but as I grew older, I finally get the saying: "Time is money".

I am going to start off with the email part, because that's the first step to opportunities. I feel ashamed seeing how my mum religiously replies to her hundreds of work emails in a day, even at home after she knocks off all tired from work. Here I am, complaining about the emails I left hanging for weeks. I'll make it a point to find a faster way to reply so that logging onto my email every night won't seem like a chore anymore, maybe with the exception of Fridays and Saturdays!

6) More Travel Posts
Gonna chill on the advertorials part and start posting about my travels I've been dying to share from eonsss ago. This space will evolve into a little travel blog. I find travels the most difficult to write as I am anal about organizing posts according to places. My picture albums are a mess since I snap first before worrying later. But that is how completing such posts are the most fulfilling!


Somehow this ended on a serious note. I've given a lot of empty promises in the past, but now everything is here in black and white. Even if you don't write for a living, I'm sure that are some points you can cut and work around for your own new year plans.

Let's hope I don't strike any off.