Step aside, Ice Bucket Challenge. The Internet is currently being set ablaze by the Fire Noodle Challenge.

Said to be the spiciest noodle in Korea, brave contenders had to finish the Fire Noodles, or Buldak Bokkeum Myeon, as fast as they could. The Korean people are known for their love for spicy food. However, even the spice lovers themselves are facing a hard time finishing the noodles! :O

I am not one to follow trends, but I do love a good challenge. I bought a pack of 5 noodles from a Korean mart and decided to film my reactions down for the fun of it.

The Korean mart that I went to did not sell the one that comes in a cup. Instead, I bought a pack of 5 loose packets of noodles for SGD$7.50. They also sell it by packet at SGD$1.60 each. I vaguely remember seeing it before on my holiday to Seoul last August! Should have tried it then, dang.

Method of cooking is as how you would usually cook your instant noodles. Remember to pour the soup away when you're done because you'll want the noodles dry. The size of the noodles were slightly thicker than the regular ones I usually have.

Ah, the fuel to the fire! Throw in the entire packet of sauce and seasoning into the noodles for maximum effect, then mix well.

Ta-dah~ My stomach is upset by the looks of the bold and fiery red colour of the sauce already!

Does the Fire Noodle live up to its claims? Watch on to find out:

Verdict: while those who could withstand the spice expected more out of it, however I thought this was the noodle of death! I look pathetic with my teary eyes and vivid red lips, hahaha! Even as I am typing right now, I still can feel the swelling and tingling sensation on my lips. It does taste yummy though!!!

I could barely scrape past finishing a bowl of Kimchi Ramyun because of my low tolerance for spicy food; can only take up to a mild level. This was a whole new level for me! At the beginning, the spice was bearable and I even bore thoughts that this was just another overrated product. While it wasn't the usual in-your-face kinda spiciness, this was one that slowly builds up.

Needless to say, I am a weakling and eventually gave up on the challenge in the end. I edited out a huge chunk of parts in the video, therefore it seemed like I gave up easily, but noooo! What you didn't see was how I was choking badly and my tongue was numb till the point I felt extremely unbearable and uncomfortable to continue on. Don't wanna risk myself over a packet of noodles!


Evidence of post-torture. I didn't even edit my lips in this picture! Why waste unnecessary money on expensive botox and lip plumper? Just eat Buldak Bokkeum Myeon!

If you're up for the challenge for the sake of bragging rights, I suggest you eat it as quick as a lightning and not stop no matter how spicy it is! If not, you might never be able to finish it (like me). Be careful not to choke on the noodle though, lol. Remember to prepare your tissues for the tears, and milk as it's the best cure to cool your tongue when you eat spicy food.

I took my time to talk, and even stopped here and there, hoping for the pain to go away. Did not happen. In fact, it turned out to be even worse!

Will I give it another shot? Maybe, after I've mastered the skill of Spicy Food Tolerance.


  1. OMG i wanna TRY this!! it looks so good lol i LOVE VERY VERY spicy food!!

    Ore :)
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    1. I was finally able to get my hands on some and I pride in my ability to be able to really take spicy food! Its was very pleasantly surprisingly spicy GOOD!! I can still feel it!!

  2. it's delicious and very very spicy. it's good to add some greens, egg, spam, etc in with the noodles. I'm hooked

    1. good to know that you enjoy it! I cannot take it hahahaha! :)

  3. Lmao yeah I'm eating at school right now and my lips are burning and swelling