First of all, Happy 2015! ^_^ *Pops champagne* 1st post of the year!

I have hit the limit I gave myself to slack and waste my life away doing nothing. Now, it is time I move on from my previous depressing mode.

Now that I am all geared up and ready to rumble, instead of dumping resolutions you and I know expire after a few months (haven't properly hit the gym since I made the new year resolution at 17 y/o), I'll share the real plans I want to work on in this year. They revolve mostly on the blogging aspect since it's pretty much my job, and I'd like to keep personal ones to myself and my loved ones.

1) Improvements On Language
I am not the best writer around. I am ashamed that even simple grammar troubles me. To tackle that, and for self-improvements, I want to re-read grammar and vocabulary books from Primary level. I think it benefits me for the sake of this blog, for other publications I write for, for my communications degree I'm currently pursuing, and for my future job. How can a media student write so horrendously? Adding to the list is referring to every day. If I learn a word a day, that'll be 365 new bombastic words I can show off in a year.

2) Disassociation With Agencies
Don't pretend you don't read gossip - all of us are fully aware of the blog war that blew out late last month between Xia Xue and Gushcloud. I've been following the entire story quietly, but chose not to voice out my opinions which I perceive should be kept to myself.

There are various lessons I have learnt from the saga, one in which tells me to stay as who I am and not be someone's puppet. I've noticed that many successful individual bloggers I look up to don't link themselves to any agencies, which I applaud for and strive towards. They shine more that way. That being said, I am thankful for job opportunities I'd received through agencies previously, but I think it'll be even more of an achievement to receive my own (and keep the agency fees for myself).

Maybe I'll regret this decision, maybe someday I'll be persuaded that there's such a company out there whom I can trust, has valid strong points to change my ideas, share similar beliefs and treasures me. Not sign me up like how many did just based on numbers and looks, which puts me off. Till then, I'll stand as an individual.

3) Clearer Changes
Another lesson learnt from the blog war was not to mislead readers and having proper ethics. There may be no law or rules in the blogging scene, but that does not dismiss basic writing etiquette. For example, my sponsored / advertorial posts are usually tagged at the end of the post, but from this post onwards, I will state them out clearly at the start of every post.

4) Regular Giveaways
Every time I'm overseas, I sweep off shelves of souvenirs and gifts for loved ones, friends and sponsors. From this new year onwards, I am going to do the same for those who have supported me. I know some of you have had my back for the longest time; my only way to thank y'all is to share my experiences and have y'all in my thoughts through the items I bought from my trips. Familiar names will get exclusive priority. Let's hope I travel often! :P

5) Increase In Productivity
This is the headache part... I love taking my time to do things, but as I grew older, I finally get the saying: "Time is money".

I am going to start off with the email part, because that's the first step to opportunities. I feel ashamed seeing how my mum religiously replies to her hundreds of work emails in a day, even at home after she knocks off all tired from work. Here I am, complaining about the emails I left hanging for weeks. I'll make it a point to find a faster way to reply so that logging onto my email every night won't seem like a chore anymore, maybe with the exception of Fridays and Saturdays!

6) More Travel Posts
Gonna chill on the advertorials part and start posting about my travels I've been dying to share from eonsss ago. This space will evolve into a little travel blog. I find travels the most difficult to write as I am anal about organizing posts according to places. My picture albums are a mess since I snap first before worrying later. But that is how completing such posts are the most fulfilling!


Somehow this ended on a serious note. I've given a lot of empty promises in the past, but now everything is here in black and white. Even if you don't write for a living, I'm sure that are some points you can cut and work around for your own new year plans.

Let's hope I don't strike any off.

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  1. loved reading this!! i totally agree with you on the emails mannn i never like reading or replying them lol that's something i'm gonna start doing from now on as well lol