Together with the rest of my accommodation in Italy, I booked my 2-nights stay in Venice through an online site. It was an entire apartment managed by the same people at Residenza Laguna.

I didn't expect my first stay in Italy to be such a disastrous one.

Was given clear instructions in the corresponding email with the management on the different means of reaching the apartment upon arrival. Other than the booking fee, I learnt through a phone call prior to the trip that I would be required to bring my own toiletries. I also had to pay additional fees in cash for towels and city tax. Uhhh, ok...

Upon arrival in Venice, I called the supposed Boss to inform him about my arrival. Was welcomed by 2 of his staff at the Cà Doro waterbus station, followed their lead to the apartment. The place was on one of the smaller streets, quite a distance away from the station. The colour & design of the building blended in well with the surrounding buildings, making it difficult to find in the beginning. We entered the building with no lights at the entrance. Fumbled my way up the stairs in the darkness to the apartment at 2nd level.

The horror began when I entered the apartment. The electricity couldn't be turned on! All of us flicked every possible light switch we could find up and down repeatedly, but to no avail. The staff claimed that this was a first, reassured that the problem would be fixed in an hour.

Alright, so I went out for a few hours and left them to settle the problem. With aplenty of time, things were supposed to work when I get back, right? Wrong!

After an angry phone call to the Boss (who was extremely rude and gave various excuses, if I might add), I learnt that due to power failure in the building, there was no way the lights could be switched on!

I was instead, offered accommodation at their hotel. The staff didn't even bother to come over and bring me to the hotel! Fine, I lugged my heavy luggage and backpack in the cold and late night trying to locate our meeting point, the Rialto Bridge. I had an exhausting long-distance flight, and drama was the last thing I wanted. What a mood dampener!

The location of the hotel was conveniently situated; the Rialto Bridge was a 5-minutes walk away. I wouldn't call it a hotel though, because the standard didn't match the title. Maybe more like a B&B guest house?

The front door was locked, plus there wasn't anyone manning the front desk most of the time. I was guided to my room at the 2nd floor *glares at the steep stairs and unsupportive rope handle*. Because of the big hoo-haa, I was given complimentary towels and breakfast WHICH SHOULD ALREADY BE INCLUDED IN THE BOOKING FEE IMO!?

I felt cheated with the significant downgrade of room. It was a far cry from the more spacious apartment! Also, the condition didn't look as advertised. The wi-fi connection was the least fantastic, the air-conditioner wasn't working well and the toilet was dirty and compact.

Needless to say, the service from the hotel staff was horrible as well. I might have to write another essay if I went into the details.

This tiny dining area for breakfast was right outside my room. Despite the limited choices, food was the only positive point at Residenza Laguna. There were cakes and pies, but my favourite was the ham and cheese on toast! I am not a coffee lover, but the cappuccino was great too.

There was only 1 young waitress attending to all the guests, poor thing. She barely spoke any English, making it rather difficult to communicate with her.

Would I recommend this place to anyone? With tons of other options available, no, unless they don't have a choice. And I'm not even a fussy person.

Residenza Laguna
Calle dei Galizzi, 1016, San Polo, Venice, Italy 30125

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  1. Hi, is the hotel area safe at night and accessible? Planning my first trip there and can't make up my mind on the area to stay

    1. Hey! I think it's pretty alright. It's probably a 3 mins walk from rialto bridge. do look around for more options before you decide alright!:)