Who doesn't want a pearly white set of teeth?

I've always been self-conscious about my teeth because of the stains and spots on it, which explains why I rarely dared to flash my million-dollar smile. There are a tons of food options I consume on a daily basis that are culprits the the current state of my teeth - colourful food. We're talking about curry, tea, coffee, wine, etc. I have considered the option of bleaching my teeth numerous times, but was strongly advised against it by my dentist.

When I was offered a chance to try out LED teeth whitening through LUSH Aesthetics, I quickly jumped at the opportunity! But to be safe, before my appointment, I asked (and Google-d) about what was coming in my way. Turns out that LUSH is using the latest technology that is non-invasive and painless!

Upon being ushered into one of their treatment rooms, I was briefed through the current shade of my teeth, and what was to be expected during and after the process.

First, a tool was inserted into my mouth to prevent it from closing during the treatment. Next, Vaseline was applied to my lips to prevent it from being chapped. My gums were protected with the application of a special blue gel. The treatment was executed after the application of a non-peroxide gel on my teeth, where the whitening magic will take place.

The LED machine was placed according to the placement of my teeth, before it was turned on to activate the gel. I had to go through 2 rounds of a 20 minutes session.

Although the treatment was painless, I did felt a small discomfort. My mouth was kept open the entire time, which caused a flood of saliva in my mouth as it was difficult to swallow! It was left like that for nearly an hour. I drooled down a pool upon the removal of the tool, which was extremely embarrassing!

Even though it wasn't the pearly white I dreamt of, having my teeth immediately lightened by 4 shades had me impressed. The results may vary from person to person, but it is visible in one session for sure. Due to the absence of peroxide contents, it does not affect the tooth's sensitivity too, wheeeee!

If you were to try out the treatment for yourself, remember that you're to avoid strong, colourful food for the next 3 days. Food that are too hot or too cold is a huge no-no as well! Better not risk it.

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