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Famished after the long flight, I was on the hunt for a decent place to have my first meal at! I settled for Trattoria (Italian restaurant) A La Bricola for dinner due to its strategic location near the San Marco area. You won't miss the prominent trattoria since it is right at the turning point before you head towards another alley.

On first impression, it seemed like a popular place! The floor area was nearly filled up, and I remember seeing stairs that lead up to the 2nd level. I was impressed with the rustic decorations, especially the unique pitchers that hung above on the ceiling. Free Wi-Fi was also provided for customers, plus point up!

A must in every Italian restaurant, I was given bread to control my salivation as I waited for the main dishes to arrive. While it's complimentary at some trattorias, I had to pay €1.50 for each piece of bread here.......

I ordered their carbonara and ham pizza. I enjoyed my food very much! It was, in fact, one of the best I had in Venice! However, after a quick search of the trattoria online, I was taken aback by the long list of bad reviews the place received.

For a plate of carbonara + pizza + glass of water + €1.50 per person coperto + 12% service charge, my meal added up to €34.72. I do agree with the majority who left reviews on TripAdvisor that price wise it did seem slightly inflated - the coperto was rather unnecessary. Adding on, the mediocre slow service did not match the price tag of the service charge.

I am still speculating whether I was too hungry that the food seemed divine to me at that point.

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A La Bricola
Centro Storico calle dei Spechieri No. 476, Venice, Italy
+39 0415230218

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