If we follow each other and you've been Liking my pictures on Instagram, this should be a regular and common sight on your Activity feed:

I do this: go through each friend's profile with every picture of mine they'd Liked, then Like their pictures back. While some were grateful and even took the chance to make jokes out of it, a part of me worries about the others who might have passed me off as irritating and attention-seeking.

The reason for this post is to address the issue - voicing out to those who are still swimming in a pool of confusion.

You see, Instagram is a drug.

1) Obsession With Likes
A friend once asked why I didn't Like her photo on Instagram. It is the sad truth, but people are Like-starved. I am, unfortunately, also a victim and hate to admit that I've gone a little too far with the hashtag game (that's a whole new topic of discussion by itself). We achieve our highest number of Likes and we continue craving for more. It is shocking how a double tap is so powerful as to affect someone's perception of others as well (I've got many bitching to me about it, just so you know).

2) You Support Me, I Support You
I've had various discussions regarding addiction with the app, and there was a point we all agreed on - as a friend, shouldn't we be "supporting" each other more through Likes (refer to above point)? Shouldn't friendship be a reciprocal thing - if one doesn't put in the effort in catching up with my life, why should I be one-sidedly doing it?

While some may argue that's being small minded, however I'm not expecting to receive a Like for every single post of mine (though I personally think my pictures aren't that bad) (& it'd be good if you could), but at least once in awhile so I know you're there, and that you care.

3) I'm Genuinely Interested In Your Life
Which brings me to the point where I don't have the luxury of time to be on Instagram 24/7, but I wanted to make sure that my friends felt my love, literally.

Especially during my trips last month, I wanted to be in the moment while overseas. I had to distance myself away from social media, which translates to missing nearly a month worth of updates. One month of updates on social media is like ten years in real life, lol. Alright, just joking but you get my drift.

This is, of course, my side of the story. It is ok if you don't agree with me, and would like me to stop with the outpour of notifications on your feed. Let me know through email or something about your opinions, I would love to hear and maybe even discuss further about the issue.

And if you haven't followed me, here's my account: http://instagram.com/iisjong

P.s. If we know each other personally and I haven't followed you back, unfollow and re-follow me again so that I can see you at the top of my followers list and return the favour.

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