Probably the best Tiramisu I had in Venice.

It was around evening time on my first day in Venice, I was wandering after dinner when I chanced upon I Tre Mercanti. Actually, it was the rows of Tiramisu on display that drew my attention.

"Tiramisu is a must-eat in Italy! And hmmm these look good... Should I? Ok whatever, just enter, Ms Sweet Toothed!"

Snuck in a corner next to one of the many little bridges in Venice, I Tre Merchant sold all sorts of other things like oil and pasta. There was a little workshop area where passerbys get to witness the making of their desserts. There were not seats; patrons had to enjoy their dessert standing.

There were a whole range of Tiramisu flavours they offered. I chose the Classic flavour at €3.50, and took away the Pistachio flavour at €4.

I preferred the Classic flavour, of course. The delicious taste and the fact that it was hand-made had me sold. The creamy goodness was fresh and light, exactly like how a good tiramisu should be. I NEED to go back for this! *.*

Unexpectedly for a place like Italy, the staff were friendly and full of smiles! One of the (cute) staff patiently explained, with detailed drawings, the way back to my hotel when asked. Though the tiramisu here was not cheap, for the service and the taste, it was worth every cent! Please do yourself a favour and try out their desserts for yourself. You'll be equally obsessed as well!

I Tre Mercanti
Campo della Guerra, 5364, 30122 Castello, Venezia VE, Italy
+39 041 522 2901

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