Ah, the Lunar New Year is here again! Since it's the 7th day today, Happy Birthday to everyone reading this. :D

Every year, I get asked quite a handful of questions from relatives and friends. I've decided to pick out 5 of the most commonly asked ones. Although I try to disclose as much information as I can about myself, however, I wish to retain that little bit of private and mysterious side of me at the same time. :P

Ah Girl, what is your name again? I forgot.
My full name is Ong Jia Hui. You can also call me Joey; technically it's also my name, but my dad once mentioned that he forgot to write it down on my birth certificate. If you'd like something easier to remember (although my name is damn common), you can always address me as "Jong" or the most convenient "Eh"!

What are you doing right now?
Most of my time is dedicated to being a student pursuing a full-time Communications degree with the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT). It is offered by the Singapore Institute of Management (SIM).  Growing up, I have always been stronger in my languages. I am a Year 2 student, thanks to module exemptions. Contrary to popular belief, it is not as easy as people assumed it to be. I don't have exams which is awesome, but it gets quite unbreathable at times with the pile of projects and tests. My classmates have been nothing but friendly so far. I will complete my studies by the end of next year and am planning to finish a semester or 2 over in Melbourne. If given the opportunity, I might stay on to work after my graduation.

Outside of my student life, I write some more on this personal blog. I don't update as much compared to the past because I prioritize my schoolwork first. But I definitely won't let this page fade away!

I am also working part-time as a waitress at a pet cafe called Sun Ray Cafe. I started work in July last year because I wanted extra pocket money and the opportunity to play with customer's pets! However, I am currently on the lookout for a part-time internship doing media-related jobs in hopes to broaden my knowledge in the field I am interested in venturing. Got lobang can tell me? :P

What exactly do you blog about these days?
I still write about everything and anything, but I am looking to concentrate more on the travels part. I have yet to complete my posts on the various cities I've visited in Italy, Taiwan, Thailand, China, Japan and Myanmar from the past few months and years! And I will be jetting off again in the next few months. There's a never-ending list of things to share!

Any plans of becoming a full-time blogger?
If there's the opportunity to, I say why not? But at this moment, I would say no. I do get some income from ads, but I am extremely selective about the topics I write. Although I am currently a contracted blogger with an agency, my contract is ending soon and I have hopes to go solo until I find the right one for me. Therefore, I don't earn a sufficient amount to make a living out of blogging yet.

I wish to hold a proper job in the communications field, like a PR personnel, for example. This blog acts as a portfolio for me, bringing me a step closer to an awesome first full-time job.

I am waiting to attend your wedding! When are you getting married?
Not so soon! I dreamt of exchanging vows at the age of 25, but now I would say 28 at the least! Hey, people and mindsets change. I don't really want a grand wedding though.. I'd very much prefer a private ceremony with just me and my future husband on a beautiful beach in Greece, lololol! Sorry to disappoint. But I doubt my parents will let me do just that.

Anyway, here's my rough life plan for the next 10 years:

2016 - Graduate & travel as far and as much as I can.
2017/2018 - Enter the society, find an internship or hopefully a job. Either that, or I travel around the world to teach the less privileged children.
2021 - Settle down & get married?
2023 - Have a kid? If all else fails, I don't mind being single & childless (oops, sorry SG's government)
2025 - If I DO end up getting married and having a kid, maybe I would want a second one?


Surprisingly, I receive quite a bit of questions regarding my blog every year! Looks like I have to do even better since so many people are watching...?

Anyway if you didn't know, I have refreshed my ask.fm account. We can bring the question-asking over there. Just a note though, I will not answer detailed personal questions about myself, my loved ones or my friends online. Respect our privacy please!

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