coffee nowhere singapore
Cafe-hoppers, rejoice! Coffee Nowhere, pronounced as "Coffee Now Here", is the latest addition to the expanding list of cafes in Singapore.

The first to bring specialty coffee into Johor Bahru, the Malaysia-based cafe have growing operations in Indonesia, Vietnam and finally, Singapore. I visited one of their outlets at West Coast Plaza.

coffee nowhere singapore
I loved their interior design - warm, clean and modern. It's the perfect place for youths like myself to study or have a chill day out.

coffee nowhere singapore
Coffee Nowhere has a Brew Bar at the side, where they conduct lessons for coffee enthusiasts. Since I work at a cafe myself, I couldn't help but notice the Mahklönig EK 43 coffee grinder machine that they own. Many cafe owners here in Singapore are probably green-eyed in envy as it's difficult to lay hands on this machine. Also accompanied by its hefty price tag, I don't see it around!

Needless to say, they roast their own coffee. In fact, they also have a Q Grader Certified executive consultant for their coffee! Such people are rare to find in Singapore. I had the pleasure of learning a thing or 2 about coffee appreciation from him.

Other than coffee, they also have a menu dedicated to other drinks and food! Here are my favourites:

coffee nowhere singapore
Banana Caramel Delight ($7.80)

Caution: not for those who cannot handle all that sugar that's evident in the name itself. The sweetness was right smack in-your-face. My sweet tooth told me that this rich and creamy smoothie was indeed a delight. I felt like I was drinking a banana cake, lol!

coffee nowhere singapore
Baked Cheese Mussels ($9.80)

The combination of cheese and mussels paired well together. You could taste the sweetness of the seafood, minus the "fishy" taste, in this chewy mouth-watering starter.

coffee nowhere singapore
Cheesy Fries ($8.80)

This was a hit, albeit a guilty one. Big fries splattered with a generous amount of cheese and mayonnaise, I don't see why not.

coffee nowhere singapore
Burger Nowhere ($14.80)

This main course came with a burger bun, beef patty, slice tomato, cheese, lettuce, caramelised onion and egg. To complete it, french fries and salad was served at the side. The serving was HUGE for me! The highlight was, of course, on the succulent beef patty.

coffee nowhere singapore
Chili Crab Spaghetti ($14.80)

You can choose between a spicy or non-spicy version for this dish. It came with crab meat, capsicum and spaghetti. Then, it was topped off with white wine, homemade spicy tomato sauce and premium olive oil. It's pretty good - the crab meat was fresh with hints of the ocean.

coffee nowhere singapore
Pizza Nowhere ($19.80)

Comprising of smoked duck, lychee, mozzarella cheese, cheddar cheese and homemade tomato sauce, this was yumminess all in one. I haven't seen anyone combine lychee with pizza before; this mix was a fresh one! I liked the thin crust as it's my preferred choice of base.

coffee nowhere singapore
Brownie with Ice Cream

Yay, desserts! Talk about chocolatey taste. The brownie was the dense kind. Warm brownie + ice cream = perfect combination after a busy day at school. They even have strawberries to take away some of the overpowering richness.

coffee nowhere singapore
Waffles (Promotional Price: $9.90)

Only available at West Coast Plaza, these freshly baked waffles are drizzled with premium sauces and a single scoop of ice cream. There are 3 flavours that you can choose from. However, the waffles are the soft type! I prefer the crispier kind, but to each his own. If you want to try it, you better do it soon. $9.90 for a whole waffle is rather decent, and this promotion won't be there forever!

West Coast Plaza
154 West Coast Road, #B1-06/07

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