Sheeps, Chinese greetings, pineapples... My social media feeds were swarmed with the above designs during the Lunar New Year period! I wanted to ride on the wave of festivity nails as well. But here's the thing - I didn't want it to be similar to the rest.

Finally, I decided on mahjong nails! It makes sense, right? iisJONG with mahJONG nails. *smirks* Trying to up my luck factor with the gambling game. The picture above was what my manicurist came up with in the end! Me likey the end product.

Good news! For the month of March, quote my name to enjoy these promotions:

- $35 Gel Manicure + 2 Nail Art
- Students get a special rate of $15 for Express Gel Manicure!

My manicurist Mynt will be at Somerset Triple One on March 14 2015, from 12-8pm! You can book an appointment and use the discount code there too! ^_^

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