rise hair salon 12 gemmill lane singapore

rise hair salon 12 gemmill lane singapore

It was the Lunar New Year period and everyone was in a frenzy for the preparations - me included. I almost had a panic attack when I learnt that the hair salon I frequent was fully booked up till after the festive period. Dang, I was a step too late! Why always so last minute, Jong? So I'm gonna meet my relatives with the hair I was fed up with for months!?

Thankfully in the midst of my mental breakdown, I received an invitation to review another hair salon - Rise Hair Salon.

rise hair salon 12 gemmill lane singapore
rise hair salon 12 gemmill lane singapore
It wasn't difficult finding the place since it was right smack in a primary location on Club Street! They currently have 2 hairstylists - Director Agassi and Senior Stylist Chris. More Korean hair stylists are expected to join the Rise team.

First impression of the place: clean, cozy and comfortable. Their tables are catered to customer's needs, with different sections to tuck your belongings. I was pleased to learn that the hairstylists stick to their customers throughout the entire hair makeover process, taking care of the hair washing to hair dyeing to hair blowing! Also because of the homely area, you won't find yourself drowning in screams from across the room.

rise hair salon 12 gemmill lane singapore
As I enjoyed browsing through the wide range of international magazines, I was served tea. Not any normal tea, but an entire TWG tea set! *.*

rise hair salon 12 gemmill lane singapore
While there was a variety of hair services to choose from, my hairstylist Agassi-sshi examined my hair's condition before making suitable recommendations. Despite being Korean, however, it wasn't difficult for us to communicate as he spoke Mandarin fluently! I remember being thoroughly impressed.

rise hair salon 12 gemmill lane singapore

Aaaaaand here is a before (left) and after (right) picture!

What I did:

1) Touch up of hair roots. At Rise Hair Salon, they use colours from Loreal and Shiseido. They focus more on the neutral and darker shades to cater to the current crowd, but the word has it that they will venture into bolder colours soon!

2) Hair wash. This consists of shampoo, conditioner and treatment from the brand John Masters. Hailing all the way from the States, John Masters is a greatly popular organic solution brand.

3) Hair manicure. K-Pop stars rely heavily on this! What this treatment does is giving your hair an additional layer of coating. This will lock the hair dye in, all while restoring and creating a permanent shine.

4) Hair styling. No perm, just curls at the bottom of my hair achieved through a hair straightener!

rise hair salon 12 gemmill lane singapore

Thank you for being my hair saviour, Agassi-sshi! With nearly two decades of experience under his belt, he used to head a popular Korean salon. If that didn't impress you, he had styled the hair of many sought-after celebrities. *ahem* For example, Chinese actress Fan Bingbing. He is also friends with a member from K-Pop Idol group SISTAR. Trust me, I saw the photos on his mobile phone. *cough* 

Use my code "JOEYONG" for 20% off all original priced services! :D

Rise Hair Salon
12 Gemmill Lane, Singapore 069252
Nearest MRT: Telok Ayer
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