I am completely OBSESSED with Churros. Pretty sure my marriage with the Spanish version of doughnuts won't go away anytime soon.

While I don't remember when exactly my love at first bite with the fritter began, however, I do recall my virgin taste experience. If I'm not wrong, it was at a theme park during an overseas trip when I was much younger.

It's my first time blogging through the phone, hello y'all! :D

Was out the entire day today and am publishing this from mobile as I've made the commitment to churn out a weekly fashion post on Fridays, therefore I will stick to it.

How's it going for you this week? Mine has been much better than the previous, and I hope it's the same for all of us because we deserve to be happy! Being positive is good for the soul and the mind - I've tonnes of exciting ideas and news that I can't wait to share!

If you've read my previous travel posts, you will realise that most of my travelogues are posted according to places. It is my preferred writing style as I am able to share more pictures and go in detail about my various experiences at that particular place. However, such postings are too time-consuming! Judging from my current schedule, I'd probably need a few years to complete all the cities and attractions that are on queue.

Many have been "complaining" to me that they've been collecting dust while waiting for the travel posts I never had time to complete. Therefore, I will kick off such Travel Guides to provide you guys with snippets of what I did and what you can expect. I will return to my usual magnified post style when I find the time to!

Who said Singapore had little history?

The latest heritage trail in Singapore recently opened for registrations, and it got the whole town talking! Even my dad was asking me about it the other day. Following the successful launch of the Duchess + Tanglin Halt Guided Tour last year, I was one of the lucky few who attended the Media Preview of the Dawson + Alexandra Guided Tour. The tour is an addition to the My Queenstown Heritage Trail.

The 3-hour educational and intimate journey through Singapore's first satellite town opened my eyes with the little stories behind historical landmarks in the Queenstown neighbourhood that piece up what Singapore is today.

Armed with an audio guide and brochure provided by the My Queenstown team, I was good to go. Here are 11 reasons why I think you should sign up for My Queenstown Heritage Trail, with reference to what you can expect in the Dawson + Alexandra Guided Tour:

1) See Singapore From A Different Perspective

I pass by the mature Queenstown estate often as I'm schooling at the west side of Singapore. I'd always been intrigued by the facades of old buildings that stood out of place in the modern surrounding... Thanks to this tour, I got my curiosity satisfied as I dug deeper into their roots.

Church of the Good Shepherd - 2 Dundee Road

Hello world, how have y' all been? Well... My week hasn't been that fantastic. It kills my mood to do anything these days, and it sucks to have a million never-ending things to pile on the undone list. :( Nevertheless, here's the weekly Fashion Fridays post as promised!

Dang, I miss that turquoise hair.

... I have no idea what that means.

I am practically an otaku these days, but today I was dragged out of the house by my dad, who wanted a lunch partner. Well, at least I have Outfit Of The Day pictures to share!

Presenting to you, what I wore today!

Regarded as one of the best biscuits produced in Japan, Shiroi Koibito is a European-style biscuit with a piece of (either white or milk) chocolate sandwiched between langue de chat. It is manufactured and sold exclusively in Sapporo by the Japanese confectionary maker, Ishiya. They sell the biscuits ALL OVER Sapporo!

There are imitation biscuits out there, but this is the original!

The most famous souvenir from Hokkaido, we may know Shiroi Koibito for their cookies, but are you aware of their theme park!? As a mega fan of their baked products, I knew that I HAD to pay the park a visit or I'm never leaving Sapporo without kicking a fuss!

We all love Bangkok with its kaleidoscopic range of food, sights, culture and shopping it has to offer. But there is so much more to Thailand that you can explore!

Hua Hin Beach Horse
Off the beaten path, Hua Hin is a fantastic destination if you're looking to escape from the Bangkok city life. Very popular with the Thais as a weekend getaway location, it is also where the Thai royal family pay a visit during summer retreats.

"Eh Joey, can I have a feel of your hair? You constantly dye it in the loudest of colours, but how is it not as bad as what I expected? By now it should have been 'spoilt'!"

I have seen people who've dyed their hair only in shades of brown colour, and the state of their hair looks worse than mine on the outside. Frizzy, dry and weak - they dare not even think about going through bleaching.

Other than the fact that my hair is naturally already quite strong, I also put in an immense amount of effort into the care. Hey, things like this don't drop down from the sky, ok!

Happy Good Friday everybirdy! :D

Fridays are gonna be good alright, because I will start documenting my outfits weekly on Fashion Fridays! I used to post outfit pictures regularly, but somehow stopped doing it. Now I have so many photos lying in my Pictures folder.....

Yes, Google has an office in Singapore!

Ever since watching the movie 'The Internship' in theatres, I held on to this little wish of visiting everyone's dream office in Silicon Valley. Even though I don't have that opportunity to YET, I was one step closer to my dreams as I dropped by the Singapore office last month. I wanted to witness for myself, whether the search engine giant's workplace culture was as incredible as how it was being portrayed, even locally.

It was.


If our eyes are the windows to our soul, then our eyebrows must be the frame. People have been OBSESSED with eyebrows for the longest time; haven't you noticed the amount of talk garnered in recent years?

Just look at the long list of tutorials showing us how to achieve the perfect pair of brows, readily available from all over the world. There is a constant demand for the perfect bush in this looks-obsessed society.

Furthermore, are you aware that your looks can totally transform dependent on how you draw them? Yes, it is AMAZING; maybe that is why this hot topic has remained on the top, with no signs of budging.

Watch out, mah eyebrows on fleek!