I've been rocking the blue colour a lot lately, haven't I?! You can check out 3 Layers and Waterfall.

This was my previous hair colour that I did at CLEO last year before I went off for holiday. I definitely caught a good deal of attention from the foreigners in Italy and Taiwan! To think I'm getting questions about my hair even overseas, wow...

In fact, I suspect that the punk who attempted to scam me in Italy got slightly afraid when he saw my loud hair!

As usual, the hair transformation process begins by flipping through the colour dye charts with my hairstylist Ryo. After exhausting most of the colours on the charts, we decided on trying the blue ash this time round! It's forever a headache when it comes to colour picking. *laugh cry emoji*

The horrific before.

I don't know about you, but I thought the colour turned out pretty well, with hints of metallic-like colour. Can't really make out what exactly the shades are though, but it does look Galaxy Blue, doesn't it?

It faded beautifully into a purplish-grey colour a few weeks after, intriguing minds and piquing the interests of many! Thank you once again, Ryo-san!

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  1. Your hair looks so pretty dear. You always could rock every colour under the sun! Haha still remember the first time meeting you with your awesome hair.


    1. Thank you so much for the comment, Miriam!!! :D