... I have no idea what that means.

I am practically an otaku these days, but today I was dragged out of the house by my dad, who wanted a lunch partner. Well, at least I have Outfit Of The Day pictures to share!

Presenting to you, what I wore today!

I don't have that 1 particular style I stick to... What is this fashion crisis!? One day I'll steal my dad's tees (he has a collection of the LAMEST yet interesting quotes printed on them lol). The other, I'll dress up in a beautiful, lacy gown. My style is pretty versatile I suppose?

Recently, I've been into tonnes of black and oversized EVERYTHING.

Cap is from Myeong-dong when I was visited Korea last year. I've also been into caps lately, but I only have like, a pathetic 5 of them. Dang, should've bought more when I was in Seoul. I found the selection available rather unique over there.

New favourite pants and rings are from Tao Bao! The rings come with a few more pieces, but I only have 10 fingers... I dig gold rings and have been sourcing for them the longestttttt time. And these are so cheap, it's out of the world. I LOVE YOU TAO BAO THANK YOU FOR EXISTING! *hearts*

My top is from Bugis Street. This, my friends, was only $5! I am puzzled as to why nobody was giving it a second look despite the cheap price staring back at its prime display location. It has a thin, lacy texture, therefore being dressed in it under Singapore's burning weather made everything much breathable.

Similar pieces from bigger brands would probably cost 5 times more!?

To finish my outfit, I added a pop of colour. Knowing my weird and loud style, my dad saw and purchased this pair of high cuts during one of his trip to China. It's really comfortable!

How's my outfit? Will you be willing to wear it out? If you like what you see, follow me on Instagram - http://instagram.com/iisjong

T G I F ! Go out and have fun already, wheeeeeee~


  1. I love your pictures! You are so pretty! <3 (Hope im not being too weird) Can you do a post on how you take your pictures and OOTDs? They are so chio!

    1. Hey, thank you for the comment! :D I use mostly my dslr these days, maybe that's why my pictures have been looking not too bad. It's also important to frame your picture well and all, haha. Definitely need a lot of practice, coz like they say, practice makes perfect! Go for photography lessons if you can. Hope this helps!