Hello world, how have y' all been? Well... My week hasn't been that fantastic. It kills my mood to do anything these days, and it sucks to have a million never-ending things to pile on the undone list. :( Nevertheless, here's the weekly Fashion Fridays post as promised!

Dang, I miss that turquoise hair.

This picture was captured a few moons ago, during my walk around the Punggol waterway park area. I am aware that there's a red bridge somewhere as I've seen snaps of it a couple of times on Instagram... However, I've never found it despite having been here a couple of times. There was once my friends and I attempted to roam around from one end of the park to another, positive about finding it! However, we abandoned our plans not even 1/4 of the way as we'd walked for quite a distance but saw no end. PUNGGOL WATERWAY, Y U SO BIG!?

Anyway, back to the topic. I named this set of outfit 'Cropped' as I am rarely seen in cropped tops. Must have been overconfident with my flat stomach that morning. Damn gurlllll, you and your randomness of guts.

Suffered for the rest of the day as I couldn't chomp much of my food without having my stomach balloon up. #FirstWorldProblems

No idea where I purchased that cropped top already, but knowing myself, I'm guessing it's $5 from Bugis Street. People don't get how I manage to discover these inexpensive and decent-looking treasures, but I don't understand how anyone can't. Usually, I'll walk the entire Bugis Street twice, skipping through browsing of the generic-looking items. I perceive it as a waste of time since the style isn't what I was looking for. I always set myself a budget of less than $10, more only if it's a gorgeous piece. Adding on, the secret is also to dig past the pile!

Randomly paired the top with a bright red pair of jeans from Mango that I laid my hands on 2 Lunar New Years ago. As I don't fancy revealing much skin because it makes me self-conscious, I draped on my favourite black sweater from G2000. Donning an artist-wannabe beret and loved-till-death heels from Tao Bao, I am good to go!

That's it for this week's Fashion Fridays! I hope my style inspire yours in some way. Let me know as well, what you would like to see me dress up in. Will be seen blogging more often, therefore you should log on every day to check ok! Enjoy your weekends! :D

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  1. I hope you'll feel better next week! Wasn't it hot walking around in that coat? lol

    1. Thank you dear! :) I'm afraid of the cold, therefore it was bearable for me hahaha