It's my first time blogging through the phone, hello y'all! :D

Was out the entire day today and am publishing this from mobile as I've made the commitment to churn out a weekly fashion post on Fridays, therefore I will stick to it.

How's it going for you this week? Mine has been much better than the previous, and I hope it's the same for all of us because we deserve to be happy! Being positive is good for the soul and the mind - I've tonnes of exciting ideas and news that I can't wait to share!

This week's outfit feature is one of my favourites because this is my sorta style! Doesn't my oversized shirt look awesome?! Disney Princesses gone wild; I wanna join in, can? :P

I especially love the Snow White character, super Katy Perry-style! I bought it from one of the stores at Bugis Street where they sold unique pieces like this. It's not exactly cheap though, but for the design I guess I can't complain. Shades are a gift from a dear friend who shares a similar style. Gold necklace from Tao Bao at a ridiculously cheap price compared to the similar yet exorbitant ones I found in local stores. Leggings are my mum's! Sexy side opening eh~ *wink wink*

This is a little out of track, but I finally went for hot yoga lessons again at the new Japanese women-only Lava Yoga Singapore yesterday. (P.S. They're celebrating their One-Year Anniversary this Sunday! Expect things like free yoga classes and special unisex classes. I genuinely think they're worth a try! See their Facebook posts for more details. Don't say bo jio!

If I want to look better in clothes, I better work hard for it because complaining about myself won't change anything. The 2 hours of yoga I've endured yesterday were some of the toughest in my life, hahahaha coz I'm #SuperUnfit and #SuperUnflexible. Though I woke up to muscle aches, but damn were they worth every pain! I'm slowly trying to make these little changes in my life so that I can embrace a healthier lifestyle. Do you have any tips? Please do share with me!

That's it for Fashion Fridays this week! Let me know what you would like to see more of. Also, show me some love by following my social media accounts here:

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