Happy Good Friday everybirdy! :D

Fridays are gonna be good alright, because I will start documenting my outfits weekly on Fashion Fridays! I used to post outfit pictures regularly, but somehow stopped doing it. Now I have so many photos lying in my Pictures folder.....

In order to let my pictures see the sunlight and in a bid to be more hardworking, I will post and share more personal stuff again! To kickstart this weekly segment, here's an outfit I wore on the second day of the Lunar New Year when I went for house visiting. I name this outfit 'Wow So Feminine' because that's exactly the reaction I got!

I am one of the least girly person I know. Ever since a young age, florals and skirts don't capture my attention like how it does with other girls. You can ransack my wardrobe and not find much pink in there as well. While I adore a more unusual sort of style, however, my parents prefer a sweet-looking me. To please them, also because I did CNY shopping at the last minute and my options were limited, here's the final look I came up with.

Surprisingly, I kinda like how it turned out!

The fluffy blouse, full skirt, and clutch are from Bugis Street. It's one of my favourite places to shop at, though I wish they had less generic items and more unique ones.

To complete the look with my own style, I opted for the pair of Jeffrey Campbell inspired spiked Litas. I bought them from a seller on Carousell who had to sell the brand new pair away as she was going overseas to study. I was that close to owning a real pair though, but I rarely wear them out and my stuff never last long because of my mishandling, therefore it defeats the purpose.

I'm not sure whether you can see it, but my teddy bear necklace and gold rose ring are from Swarovski.

To have a rough idea of what to expect on Fashion Fridays, you can follow my Instagram account: http://instagram.com/iisjong.

Go have an enjoyable Easter Weekend!

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