We all love Bangkok with its kaleidoscopic range of food, sights, culture and shopping it has to offer. But there is so much more to Thailand that you can explore!

Hua Hin Beach Horse
Off the beaten path, Hua Hin is a fantastic destination if you're looking to escape from the Bangkok city life. Very popular with the Thais as a weekend getaway location, it is also where the Thai royal family pay a visit during summer retreats.

The next time you visit, why not set aside a few days and go on a short trip to Hua Hin, which is only 3 hours away from Bangkok? I didn't know about this place until I won a stay at one of the hotels!

There are various ways to reach Hua Hin. By public bus, train, flight, taxi, etc. One of the fastest and cheapest options will be by private minivans/minibus, which I opted for.

From the airport in Bangkok, I walked out to the bus stop and took Bus 29 to Victory Monument station. It costed 8 baht per person, and the journey took around 15~30 minutes. Alternatively, you can take the subway. I got lost and couldn't find the subway station at the airport, so...

Here are the various ways you can get to Victory Monument from the information I'd gathered after much research. I don't guarantee the accuracy, but you can give them a shot:


Take note that the bus also stops in between stations, the '-'.

[ 29 ] (The one that I took.)
Don Mueang - Laksi - Mor Chit - VICTORY MONUMENT - Sam Yan - Bangkok Railway Station
[ 510 ]
Don Mueang - Laksi - Mor Chit - Saphan Khwai - VICTORY MONUMENT
[ 187 ]
Don Mueang - Din Daeng - Ratwiti - VICTORY MONUMENT - Charoenkrung - Thanam Sipraya
Don Mueang - Din Daeng - VICTORY MONUMENT - Rama Hospital


It should cost 30 baht per person.

- Go to A1 or A2 Arrival Platform at Entrance of No. 7 of Terminal 1.
- Take the BTS from Don Mueang to Mor Chit.
- Change train from Mor Chit to Victory Monument.

If you take the public bus, an outdoor bazaar happening in an open area should welcome you. That's where you stop. Be sure to check with the driver frequently as there seems to be no proper bus stops! They just stop by the roadside...

There are tonnes of minivan operations in the area. I walked down to the one at the shopping mall since I needed to change money.

Here are the different minivan operations I found on Google, thanks to the people of the Internet:

[1] Head out to Don Mueang BTS Station Exit 4. Go down the stairs, walk straight along the footpath for a short distance.

[2] (I think this was mine.) Alleyway next to Century Movie Plaza, close to the stairs at the southern end of Victory Monument BTS station. Take the walkway south, down the stairs on the east side to the street level. Minivans are next to the stairs.  Look for a small table with "ChaAm, Hua Hin" and buy tickets from them.

[3] Start from Ratchawitee Hospital. Exit Skytrain, stay on the walkway above traffic until you reach circular section. Keep left, in a clockwise direction, and descend the first set of steps you come across. At ground level, there is a small market. Keep left through this to the road behind it.

The minivan to Hua Hin costs 180 baht per person. Journey took me around 2 hours 45 mins, with a rest stop in between. You'll be given these tags after you've paid at the counter. Find the minivan with that number and hand it over to the driver.

The minivan leaves as soon as it's full. I waited for less than 30 minutes and was good to go!

*TIP: Try not to carry a big luggage, because you need to pay extra for the space. The area was quite crammed, there was barely enough space to fit my small one!

The driver drives at a pretty speedily, and I'm saying this as someone who's used to travelling at high speeds. Just a word of caution that you might feel uncomfortable at some point. But overall, it was alright for me! I slept through the entire journey.

This should be the place they drop you off. I suppose it's their office off the Petchkasem Road? This same area is where you hop on similar minivans back to Bangkok.

Many use the optical shop as reference.

There will be taxi drivers waiting at the side, hopefully waiting to pull customers. I found a Mr Nu here, who was also my private driver for the next few days.

Let the adventure begin.


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  2. Hi...do you know how much is the 'extra charges' for luggage?

  3. hi. dont mind drop me an email the transport available from bkk to hua hin?
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