Finally getting down to writing about my trip to Hong Kong a few weeks ago!

I’d been to the Land of Dim Sums several times before. However, they were all with family, and my mum being extremely fluent in Cantonese, I was ushered around comfortably during my previous trips. This time round, I packed my bags and took a flight with different intentions - to roam around the famous neon-lighted streets, minus their help.

Touristy places, been there, done that. Thanks to the Internet, as well as some friends I have at that side of the world, I managed to locate a few places of interests I’d never stepped foot on previously. One recommendation I must share is the Dragon Centre at Sham Shui Po! A friend who stay opposite the mall brought me there.

You can easily reach Dragon Centre by taking the MTR to Sham Shui Po station.

Hey hey, Friday! *\(^o^)/*

Just as I am getting back the momentum to be hardworking with blog postings, it had to be slowed down for the past week as I bask in my holiday to Hong Kong. Can't decide how I should feel about this, lol. My week had been fantastic as I explored the land I assumed I was familiar about (which was not the case), without my family there to shuttle and babysit me around in their fluent Cantonese. I fumbled as I tried to find my words, got lost countless of times, got scammed in a way I had never imagined - but isn't that what travelling should be about?

Greetings from the Land of Dim Sums, Hong Kong! *waves*

Are you transiting through Singapore? You’re in luck! With the myriad of entertainment options available at Singapore’s Changi Airport, you will never wish to part with the World’s Best Airport for three consecutive years running.

Finally Friday again.

Happy Labour Day, hard workers! Indubitably, I look forward to this segment thanks to the little space over here where I update about my life each week.

If you've been following my social media accounts, you should be aware that it has been a hectic week for me following the worrying episode of my missing grandfather last Sunday. He has since been found and I won't go into details for the privacy of my family. Despite that, I would like to once again express my endless of heartfelt thank yous to each and every one of you who had shared, left a comment, liked my posts, wrote me a private message and even went all out to search for him.

I paid him a visit at his place again earlier today, and he seemed fine, at least for now. As he suffers from dementia, I can't help but to wonder whether the incident is still fresh in his mind. I love my gong gong, but I hope he understands the trouble that everyone went through because him.

While I had a fair share of opportunities I am grateful for, April wasn't exactly the best of months since my grandmother was admitted to the hospital as well, on top of other worrying stuff on my Why Oh Why list.