Greetings from the Land of Dim Sums, Hong Kong! *waves*

Shall make this a short one since I'm rushing out now! Sorry y'all! >.<

Cap is not mine but serves as a reminder to get myself a black one. The metallic reflective shades are a gift, and the white top I've been wearing pretty often is from Lee Cooper. Got my biker jacket at a steal from Bugis Street, the skirt's from a long time ago when asymmetrical skirts were the IN thing, bought through Tao Bao. The fake Chanel logo is, of course, hand-drawn by yours truly! :P

I meant to make it a joke as I'd seen something similar on Tumblr before and loved the idea. However, nobody seemed to have understood my point... #FAIL :(

Anyways, apologies on the abrupt ending, but I got to go now. Thank you for reading! Enjoy your weekends, ok? ^_^ Show me some love by following my social media accounts here:

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