Just as I am getting back the momentum to be hardworking with blog postings, it had to be slowed down for the past week as I bask in my holiday to Hong Kong. Can't decide how I should feel about this, lol. My week had been fantastic as I explored the land I assumed I was familiar about (which was not the case), without my family there to shuttle and babysit me around in their fluent Cantonese. I fumbled as I tried to find my words, got lost countless of times, got scammed in a way I had never imagined - but isn't that what travelling should be about?

What have I been busy with other than my holiday, you ask? Well, the new school semester recently commenced, and the stress is kicking in again with the intensive back-to-back classes. Not that it's bad though.. I feel like I haven't been using my brain enough these days!

... And on to the outfit! Hair piece is from Daiso; bought it when the Japanese Usagi headband trend was popular few years back. I've been searching high and low for a similar handkerchief tie but never had the fate to meet with the colour I wanted! Dress is only $5 from Bugis Street. Don't understand why it was left on the shelves; I thought it was pretty cute! Rings, bag and shoes are from Tao Bao.

The shoes are all the rage on Tao Bao now, which I thought looked like it belonged to a part of a robot's feet for some reason. While the futuristic design appeals to many, however, if you ever see it, my advice for you is not to get it. You can thank me later. The material was beyond the word 'cheap'! I could barely walk in them hours after first putting them on, urgh. And I only wore it once, now it's left collecting dust in my shoe cabinet.

In other news, it's time to make way for new shoes! :D

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