Are you transiting through Singapore? You’re in luck! With the myriad of entertainment options available at Singapore’s Changi Airport, you will never wish to part with the World’s Best Airport for three consecutive years running.

The Social Tree

Towering at close to nine metres, you won’t miss this located in the terminal’s Central Piazza located after the immigration counters. Encircled by eight touch-screen photo booths, the Social Tree welcomes memory makers to share their photo and video memories with its avant-garde design, joint with interactive technology.

You can ‘attach’ your photos onto the colourful and animated crown of the structure and post your memories on your social networking profiles directly! The best part? You can leave your digital memories with the memory capsule, where your memories will be preserved for years and decades to come. Subsequently, these memories can be retrieved and re-lived whenever you log on at Changi Airport in the future!

The Shilla Duty-Free Stores

Shopaholics, rejoice! Priding itself as the world’s largest cosmetics and duty-free store, the newest addition carries a massive variety of products available at pocket-friendly prices. And… It’s tax-free!

You can find The Shilla Duty Free stores across all terminals. Did you know? Changi Airport is the only airport in the world with double-storey stores of duty-free for wine & spirits and cosmetics & perfumes right here at Changi Airport Terminal 3!

Rooftop Swimming Pool

Are you looking to relax? How about taking a dip to beat the humid weather!

You may utilize the Balinese-themed swimming pool and Jacuzzi for a small fee of $13.91. The charge includes the use of shower facilities, a towel and a complimentary non-alcoholic drink from the bar. Opened from 7am-11pm daily, you can find the swimming pool near Transit Hotel at Terminal 1, Departure Transit Lounge East, Level 3 (Tip: take the escalator up near gate D42).

For more information, visit You can also give them a ring at (65) 6549 3106.

Sunflower Garden

Who doesn’t fancy sunflowers? On the rooftop of the Departure Transit Lounge at Level 3, the bright field of yellow flowers smiling back will cheer anyone up instantly. Dawdle around the garden as you capture an endless amount of selfies with the beautiful backdrop of the airport runway and aircraft parking bays! This is my must-visit place whenever I’m at the airport, in addition to the view of planes taking off.

Fun fact for you: ALL the plants in Changi Airport are real!

Entertainment Deck

Paging for all the gamers! Don’t worry; Changi Airport didn’t leave you guys out. Right beside the Sunflower Garden you can find a complete range of multimedia entertainment! From LAN gaming to Xbox to Playstation, you will be spoilt for choices.

Enchanted Garden

Be ready to be dazzled at Departure Transit Lounge, Level 2. The Enchanted Garden will bring delight with the interactive motion sensors that trigger sounds of nature and blooming flowers. Your breath will be taken away with the giant centrepiece! Put together with four giant glass bouquet sculptures, it is then meticulously enhanced with a mosaic of reflective and twinkling stained-glass.

I especially love the gargantuan arrangement of freshly cut flowers and soft ferns beautifully wrapped up in the middle! If only I can bring the magnificent bouquet home to further admire its beauty. *.*

Butterfly Garden

Singapore is a Garden City – that fact is evident even at our airports. First in the world to be featured in an airport, you will be in the company of over thousand butterflies at the Departure Transit Lounge, Level 2 & 3.

If you’re lucky enough, do observe the Emergence Enclosure for the birth of a butterfly coming out of its pupae stage!

Movie Theatre

Fancy watching a movie for free? You can, near the Ambassador Transit Lounge at Departure Transit Lounge North, Level 3. They are open 24 hours, say whaaaaaaaat!?

You can find another movie theatre near the Sunflower Garden at Departure Transit Lounge South, Level 3 in Terminal 2.

Hard Rock Cafe

Take the chill pill as you rock out at the world’s first Hard Rock Café in an airport. You can leisurely unwind with your favourite beverage while immersing in the atmosphere. Furthermore, with its extensive menu, there’s bound to be something to munch on for everyone!

If you need a souvenir for keepsakes, The Rock Shop by Hard Rock Café offers a special range of limited edition mementos and collectables.


Hold on….. There are still plenty of recreation choices that Changi Airport has to offer :O! Access to all terminals is easily available by doing an inter-terminal transfer through the Skytrain. For further activity ideas, visit:

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  1. Wow, a pool at an airport. One place I really want a long layover!